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  1. A couple of loud rumbles of Thunder here in Folkestone; didn't see the first flash as I wasn't expecting it but saw the second through closed curtains. Didn't know there was any potential for this today. EDIT:- tremendous CG strike to the North West of me with the sky lighting up all around with booming thunder. I think its hailstones now by the sound on the window
  2. I sympathize fully - I jumped out of mine too ? I think the problem was it was a very weak and somewhat quiet storm; there were a few flashes and growls but not much else which lured me in to a false sense of security. Then I just happened to look out the window as the sky lit up followed by instant thunder that made the ground shake; I was not prepared for that at all - that wasn't fair! That was the last I saw and heard before it all went quiet bar the rain which up until about 15 minutes ago was torrential - your observations don't surprise me.
  3. Oh my god - just had the loudest, most instant crack of thunder from any storm we've had this year. I think I almost soiled myself.
  4. Another flash and now thunder - I'd imagine you're close enough to have heard that ?
  5. Just saw a (my first tonight) very big flash light up most of the sky to the south of me in Folkestone. I have yet to hear any Thunder despite having the window open a bit.
  6. Theres a few flashes coming from that cell to my west but can't hear any thunder from it despite it being close. One thing I am noticing is theres some very fast moving scud like clouds (have I made that up?) moving in the opposite direction to the storm so I assume there must still be some energy left in it yet.
  7. Strikes are still very few and far between here. Thunder a lot louder when it happens but this really is a weak storm if ever I saw one.
  8. Despite how the strikes out in the channel are looking on the map theres surprisingly little to see in Folkestone at the moment. I'm seeing a flash every 40 secs - 1 min with the occasional deep rolling growl of thunder with my strikealert sat in the window going off with even less frequency. Theres a wonderful cool breeze kicked up out there and its raining gently; so nice after that sticky air we've had for the past 48 hours.
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