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  1. Do bears poop in the woods!!!!
  2. As others have stated, if this trend continues the Netweather servers could well be in trouble. As a side note the Weatherbell daily update is an interesting watch tonight!!! MNR
  3. As @AppleUK 123 nicely showed earlier the GFS over the last 4 days of 12z runs it has progressively pushed the slider further and further west/ south, so with a couple of days left to go I expect it to be more inline with other models. Only needs another shunt of 200 miles!!! MNR
  4. Nice to see the doom mongers out in force again tonight!!! ‘Oh yeah a dodgy run!!!’ let’s run with it to annoy the cold lovers. Come on guys let’s just face facts a cold spell is on the way and just around the corner. Each run will be different that’s just the way we like it. If they counted down from T300+ all the same there would be no need for any forums!!! Ukmo looks good as does GEM early doors, GFS will catch up probably by Tuesday. ECM IMHO will not look to dissimilar to this morning, if it does there is always tomorrow or the next day!!!! USA and Europe including the UK are on the cusp of something very special!! Breath and relax Woosaaa MNR
  5. I think it was on NYE I made a post on here that the models were going to start showin (in FI) charts of a much more wintry flavour after all the atmospheric shenanigans, and they were not going to deviate much all the way down to T0z. Well ( I’m not blowing smoke up my own you know what ) this does now seem to be coming to fruition. Some people were saying it’s T384 and never closer, then T300 and never closer but now we seem to be getting within the 10-12 day range. The GFS/GFS(p) and ECM all now heading in the right direction!!! This could well be the most memorable second half to any winter most of us on here would/will have ever seen!!! Dust off the sledges, get ready for snow days and please share your pics in the regionals. Many thanks, MNR
  6. Not necessarily a dream as we should be looking later into these runs for the downwelling to commence. What happens before is not as important but more of a bonus!!! MNR
  7. Ok guys, my thinking is, by the end of this week/ weekend,the charts will start to firm up on a bitter freeze from mid month onwards which should last for a considerable time (more than 5 days lol). Now I know it will be in Lala land to start but I expect the signals to be picked up and NOT dropped. There will be changes on the way to T0z but all routes will lead to cold. Now this to some may seem as a hunch which it is not, as much as I don’t post on here that often the research I do in between posts is quite deep ( very annoying to the missus) Add to that what a lot of the pros from around the globe also say then my confidence is very high. This is a fantastic forum and enjoy it as much as when I first joined in 2010!!! Happy New Year to everybody on here and yes that does include the people who come in here who aren’t hunting for cold!!! See you all in 2019, much love MNR
  8. Over on weatherbell even there pros are calling the American models wrong and more likely to use the Europeans / JMA at this stage given current atmospheric conditions. GFS will adjust nearer the time!! Would not pay much attention to it until this happens!! MNR
  9. OMG I think I must have passed out after watching the 12z’s start to roll out. What the f**k happened??? I can’t believe my eyes!! Is it to good to be true??? Nah this is the start of a winter to remember folks!! MNR
  10. The models seem to be turning to a colder outlook this afternoon and the zonal crew fall silent. Sshhhh they will be back in a few hours or days!!! End of January till a change?? Ok eyes down for the 18z’s!! MNR
  11. But it did in February and look what happened after that!! MNR
  12. mother nature rocks

    Model output discussion - The Hunt For Cold

    That last part is put perfectly. Why oh why do some people get hung up on one run. The charts we have been seeing over the last few days have been incredible so at times a few runs won’t be quite as good BUT the route still leads to cold!! For me a perfect way to start winter and a lot better than some winters over recent years. My research during this autumn and professional opinions which I have seen keep me very much interested as this pattern could well be with us for a long time. Sit back and enjoy!! ️️ MNR
  13. mother nature rocks

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    GEM looking very stormy still for Sunday, UKMO doesn’t look as bad but still there.
  14. mother nature rocks

    Model output discussion - summer rolls on

    GFS 0z run = settled pretty much right thru’ the run with potential plume event at the end with + 16/18*c uppers. Summer is back in autumn lol!! MNR
  15. mother nature rocks

    Model output discussion - summer rolls on

    Because that’s what that run at that given time was showing. As we all know a couple of days down the line things can and will change for the better or the worse. Typically it doesn’t matter which chart you look at, you can normally add on 1-3*c.