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  1. Now it’s pretty much guaranteed a very mild spell is inbound, I have a horrible feeling that we are going to pay for it on into March/April. Mother Nature always seems to have a way of balancing itself out. Now let’s all admit at some stage we have all said ‘the seasons seem to be out of sync’, and I think we will all be saying it again very soon. Watch this space. MNR
  2. So just some quick questions: 1- Was it not the case that the crocus’s/ daffodils/ cherry blossom were out early/ mid feb last year as it was quite mild?? 2-Then what happened at the end of that month/ March?? 3- When on the models did last February’s/ March BFTE start to appear?? 4- Surely we can’t second guess what the weather will actually do?? Im not saying anything is going to happen but it’s happened before so why not again just with a different date!! Regards MNR
  3. Just started to snow 1 mile north of Worcester city centre. V light but snow nonetheless
  4. As I was getting impatient I took a drive south from Worcester thru’ Malvern and then over to Tewksbury and all I can report is a few flakes, so anaprop is probably a good bet. Need heavier band further south to keep pushing North. MNR
  5. I thought the ppn over SW and channel is the part we should be concentrating on. This should head north later on as LP slides??
  6. So Midlands Today and main BBC going for 1-4 cms widely but 10+ for Hereford and Worcester. Booom
  7. Loving the look of that, had a quick look and a secondary feature pops up Friday morning. So anywhere between 5-40 cms for east wales to west mids somewhere. I’m sure amber warnings are imminent!! MNR
  8. Must admit the 12z Arpege still looks good for wales and Midlands Thursday evening/ Friday morning with another little feature popping up too. MNR
  9. I’m pretty sure by Monday (post ECM 12z) we will all have a big fat grin on our faces. This is NOT a bust yet and NO ships have sailed. Phillipe Ferloppe will be making another appearance soon!!!!! If I’m wrong please feel free to have a swipe @me ( in another thread lol) but I’m very confident!!! MNR
  10. Let’s not forget the UKMO lost the early doors signal going against ECM/GFS and just have a second look at this afternoons run!!! Proof is in the pudding MNR its also snowing here in Worcester too
  11. So as we approach D-Day the occasional ‘bump in the road’ will appear as with ECM 12z tonight. Not to worry folks this will always happen as mods get to grip with all the downwellings. Still a couple more days till agreement will be reached. Ratings are as : GFS 12z : 10/10 UKMO 12z : 9/10 GEM 12z : 8.5/10 ECM 12z : 6.5/10 with huge Euro trough signal we are well in the game and as others(far more knowledgable people) on here have said this should maintain our very cold/ snowy outlook. As said above you do get these bumps in road and the way things are looking there will be many more on the streets of the UK in the next few weeks!!! MNR
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