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  1. GEM looking very stormy still for Sunday, UKMO doesn’t look as bad but still there.
  2. GFS 0z run = settled pretty much right thru’ the run with potential plume event at the end with + 16/18*c uppers. Summer is back in autumn lol!! MNR
  3. Because that’s what that run at that given time was showing. As we all know a couple of days down the line things can and will change for the better or the worse. Typically it doesn’t matter which chart you look at, you can normally add on 1-3*c.
  4. For ‘more balance’ as temps are normally undercooked by 1-3 degrees that would take many more places above 30*c.
  5. Really nice GFS 0z overall. Have the blip from middle to end of next week then high pressure rolls back in from the Azores and pretty much remains in our area for the remainder of the run. MNR
  6. With gentle breezes and ok uppers I think it would bring a lot of usable weather and generally warm so (if it materialises) it gets the thumbs up from me. Not a bad run all in all. If it went further would not be surprised to see much warmer uppers pushing up from the south again. Rinse and repeat summer!! MNR
  7. ECM 12z @ 168 hrs, looking pretty impressive especially compared to last 0z run. Good set of runs this evening. MNR Looks very similar to GFS 12z which is fantastic considering they seem to argue about absolutely everything. Roll on next week/end!!!
  8. After yesterday’s GFS 12z run which was probably the best in a while, this mornings 0z was a slight step back but gaining strength again with the 6z. From 8.5/10 to 6.5/10 back to 7.5/10. Would not be surprised to see this afternoons run pushing back into 8.5 or 9/10 territory. Dont think the amount of heat the uk receives will be sorted out till tues/weds but what is nailed on is that the settled conditions will be back as of late weds!!! (see below) MNR Ps, just like to say thanks to Team Jo for the words last night, that was put in the most perfect way. Cheers
  9. Have to say GFS 12z has got me thinking WOWZERS!!!! Complete ridge fest after Wednesday with two potential plume scenarios. That has to be a 8.5/10 for that run MNR
  10. GFS 6z looks very high pressure dominated till the end of low res. Plume doesn’t make it on this run but still very warm nonetheless with uppers averaging out @12/14. So not to shabby. Again, it’s only one run so no need to despair!!! The is coming home MNR
  11. After a few dodgy runs from ECM the 0z is pretty peachy. Just need a jog north-west to keep more of the country happy. What a great start to the weekend. Now going to enjoy this ‘blip’ of fresher weather before the heat gets turned back on after midweek MNR
  12. Much much better GFS this morning and the 0z has a fleeting fly by from the Spanish plume. Pretty much high pressure dominated after early this week. Game on MNR If UKMO went on to 168 I don’t think that would be far off a plume event. Overall a pretty good morning of early runs.
  13. Yes Frosty vast improvement on the ECM 12z. Apart from GFS a good set of 12z runs. Summer 2018 is not finished yet!!!
  14. Come on ECM let the plume fly north and give us a start of August to remember Afterall we have had an end of May, the whole of June/July summer so far which will be reminisced about for many a year!! its surely not to much to ask is it?? MNR
  15. UKMO @144 seems more keen than GFS @144 to build in the ridge. GFS should catch up over the weekend. Readily thinking the next heatwave is firmly heading to our doorstep. MNR