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  1. So with the models looking as they are tonight (apart from UKMET, until tomorrow??) has anyone with far superior knowledge than myself got a feeling of rinse and repeat for the big day itself?? IF it all pans out as hoped by all ?? White Xmas anybody?? TIA, MNR ️
  2. Sat here in soaking wet Worcester. Local schools closing, roads blocked, flash floods widespread!! Not looking good for local rivers and people who are likely to be flooded!!
  3. 34.8*c currently in my back garden, 1 mile north of Worcester City Centre.. What a day!! ???
  4. Yeah pretty much nailed on now for an EPIC day tomorrow, welsh borders eastwards look scorching with the east pushing 39/40/41*c. What a fantastic week model watching it has been and the weather has truly delivered!! Thanks to all the posters on here and keep up the great work!! Im off to the Algarve on the 3rd of August for 3 weeks so please don’t steal to much of my heat!! ?????????
  5. That’s the way I see it too T.I. The Iceman comes even in spring!!!! MNR
  6. Now it’s pretty much guaranteed a very mild spell is inbound, I have a horrible feeling that we are going to pay for it on into March/April. Mother Nature always seems to have a way of balancing itself out. Now let’s all admit at some stage we have all said ‘the seasons seem to be out of sync’, and I think we will all be saying it again very soon. Watch this space. MNR
  7. So just some quick questions: 1- Was it not the case that the crocus’s/ daffodils/ cherry blossom were out early/ mid feb last year as it was quite mild?? 2-Then what happened at the end of that month/ March?? 3- When on the models did last February’s/ March BFTE start to appear?? 4- Surely we can’t second guess what the weather will actually do?? Im not saying anything is going to happen but it’s happened before so why not again just with a different date!! Regards MNR
  8. Just started to snow 1 mile north of Worcester city centre. V light but snow nonetheless
  9. As I was getting impatient I took a drive south from Worcester thru’ Malvern and then over to Tewksbury and all I can report is a few flakes, so anaprop is probably a good bet. Need heavier band further south to keep pushing North. MNR
  10. I thought the ppn over SW and channel is the part we should be concentrating on. This should head north later on as LP slides??
  11. So Midlands Today and main BBC going for 1-4 cms widely but 10+ for Hereford and Worcester. Booom
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