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  1. Meh, about 2 rumbles of thunder in the end and alot of rain. It's passed through already. The rain won't help the village where I live, part of which was flooded yesterday.
  2. Storm now approaching Cambridge city centre, can hear rumbling in the distance and its getting dark.
  3. Still raining heavily with the odd rumble of thunder. Can see blue sky again in the distance. Looks like the majority of the storm was further up the A14!
  4. It's more like 4pm in winter here at the moment it's so dark!! Not heard any thunder yet...
  5. Its getting dark in Cambridge city centre, it's more like 4pm in winter than 9.30am! Hope the big red and white blob on the radar produces something good!
  6. I'm excited! Looking at that radar it seems a storm will hit the Cambridge area soon. It's so misty, dull and a bit chilly this morning.
  7. Im in Cambridge too, got all excited earlier thinking it was going to push up to us, but no 😒
  8. The storm on the radar around Bishops Stortford, does anyone have any idea if that will push up to Cambridge? *prays*
  9. Rain has arrived in Cambridge city centre. Not sure if I heard a distant rumble of thunder or it was a truck going past the building 😅
  10. Same!! Its still bright sunshine all around my office in Cambridge city centre ☚ī¸
  11. Wow, I'm in Cambridge city centre and no signs of rain here at all. Would love to know if Cambridge has broken the record somewhere maybe?!
  12. I'm in Cambridge in a lovely air conditioned office but just went across the road for lunch and I can see why the record could break here! We were in Lanzarote 2 weeks ago and it wasn't even this hot ?
  13. I'm between cambridge and Huntingdon and it has just finished pouring down - had thunder & lightning and gusty winds for about 10 minutes. Sunny again now!!!
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