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  1. The showers are really forming now off the Donegal coast.
  2. The temperature has just risen from 6 to 7 degrees accompanied by a shower. Within the last 10 minutes the temperature has literally gone from 7 to 6.1 degrees. The showers are getting heavier now.
  3. The CFS tonight is paradoxical in that it has downgraded tomorrow nights snow and has upgraded Wednesday's potential to provide some wintriness.
  4. I think Monday night into Tuesday morning is going to be the best time to produce snow, however at the moment I think it could be just sleet around the coast looking at the met office map. Hope it changes.
  5. Today's output is a little disappointing in terms of any substantial snowfall, it looks like the main thrust of the cold air is slightly east, certainly a downgrade from last night, still better than mild SW's but still a let down from the previous days. Do you think it will change back to a more pronounced Northerly shown in previous days?
  6. Its still a pretty transient affair in terms of the very cold air that is across the UK, if the high were to move over and centre itself over the UK after the original cold blast then it could have turned frosty and foggy, unlike with the likely scenario of NW/W air stream. However, over the medium term conditions look good for potential cold blasts.
  7. Were snowed in today, roads are all blocked, send us some snow ploughs Co Tyrone and Londonderry

  8. Great snow and the temperature now is-4.9

  9. Complete thaw - cold spell over awaiting the next cold spell next week

  10. School shut early today for the first time ever and the first snow day tomorrow

  11. The unexpected snow is the best

  12. Battle lines drawn up for coming weekend its between the cold air to the north and the milder air to the south, who will win?

    1. Mark Neal

      Mark Neal

      hopefully the cold.. will hold out!

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