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  1. Yeah I'm guessing so, it doesn't seem to be moving lol most likely growing in size as it's back an forth above me
  2. Big storm developed rigt overhead potent cgs aswell pretty amazing stuff didn't see this coming
  3. Nice little cell just developed above my head dropping few seferics aswell
  4. Anyone think brighton will have a chance anytime today just looks like general rain coming up now electrical activity decreasing?
  5. Wow just wow not sure how it was down the west way but there is cgs going off everywhere here crazy stuff just awaiting the wind an rain now lol Didn't expect this an got tomorrow night yet
  6. I know it's horrible isn't it the last couple of days has been such a headache everything looks on course an bam they head east or west
  7. Fingers crossed it's not normally I spot things like that lol but as it's been such a long time -_- it's very much needed lol
  8. Not seferics wise but it does look like a potent shower has developed there
  9. Finally the channel is spitting out something out abit further west now
  10. What's going on in this thread anyone seem the potential tonight might not be a huge amount but we need that spirit, Kent looks beat atm but we will soon see the 22:00 image looks good but we shall soon see
  11. Tbh I'm looking forward to Wednesday night can't see anything good happening in the south/southeast unless I'm missing something.
  12. Wouldn't go by that radar as it shows rain going over Sussex an nothing has fallen here.
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