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  1. Hi Tom, Here's my guesses! CATEGORY 1: (next date of "Settling Snow, in the S.E.Region) - 13th March CAREGORY 2: ( exact date and name of last named Storm to enter Shipping Forecast area) - Kitty (971 mb) 21 March, Viking shipping forecast area CATEGORY 3: (exact date/Temp. to nearest degree Celsius, of last AIR Frost of the Season, in S.E.Region) - 18th March 0.9C CATEGORY 4: (exact date that 21c (70f) is first recorded, in the S.E.Region) - 12th April Thank you.
  2. Hi Tom, Please may I enter the new competition with the 13th March? Thank you.
  3. So was Ninfield! Thawing now though. Cannot believe how local it was! Photo of the village church and a little robin that came to visit the snowman I made!!
  4. Just got home from being out to dinner. Raining hard when I left at 6pm but coming back along The Ridge in Hastings just now the rain changed to snow and it is coming down here like "feathers" and settling!! Now I've got to read back through the pages to find what's happening!
  5. Sorry Bluebell must of missed your reply last night This thread was moving so fast it was hard to keep up and I popped out for a bit! I haven't been in my local for ages so I don't know if it's any good or not. It used to be ok!
  6. Morning all! Managed a quick walk before "my snow" melts away. It has been raining.... First time trying to add photos... hope it works!! They're not that wonderful either but hey ho I've tried!
  7. Got all togged up and went for a walk with my torch, it was snowing lightly. Since I've got home moderate fine flakes are falling covering all surfaces. Lovely to see!!
  8. Out the back door again and snow is falling. No lampposts in my road in Ninfield!!
  9. Just managed another sneaky look out the back door! Nothing much to report from here in Ninfield. Fingers crossed for us all later!
  10. What a beautiful morning. Busy getting all my work done so I can concentrate being on here later as well as checking the radar, temperature, dew point etc! Have a good day. x
  11. Lovely little dusting sparkling in the sunshine! Car is rock solid though! Have a good day everyone. x
  12. It's turning here! I would like to thank you all for your company this evening. I'm going to watch from my window for a while then off to bed!! See you all in the morning....
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