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  1. Lovely ending to this cold spell here in Ninfield. Thank you all for your company this last week!!
  2. A bit of light, blowing snow first thing this morning. Nothing since!! Steve please don't say those dreaded words 'rain on the south coast!!' Already feel disappointed after this morning efforts and was counting on tomorrow!
  3. Moderate / heavy snow for the last hour. Been for a walk round the lanes. Perfect day so far! Loving it!!
  4. Cannot believe the "real" cold is finally arriving!! Its been a long week (or two).... Just love it when all of us on here are "buzzing". I enjoy keeping up with all the banter and reports of temps, dew points, pink blobs on the radar etc and as from tonight snow depths that will be coming in!! Thank you to you all!!
  5. Oh happy days!! I have really enjoyed reading this and the mad thread over the last couple of weeks. Thank you to all. Let the snow begin to fall. I'm ready...... and waiting!!
  6. Morning all! Slight covering here with the odd light shower every now and again! Lovely to see but still not enough to be able to go and 'play' in!!
  7. Hi everyone! Really heavy snow in Ninfield!!
  8. Soon turned to a slushy mess after the snow this morning. Been raining with the odd flake mixed in ever since.
  9. Hi everyone! What a morning! Turning more and more to snow here in Ninfield.
  10. Hi everyone! Still patiently waiting down here in East Sussex....Will it or won't it?
  11. Gone very, very dark here with rumbles in the distance. Camera at the ready!!
  12. Haven't posted for a while but pop in and out now and again!. Hope you are all well and have had a good Easter. Have been out and about over the holiday, up on the Downs, in the woods and along the beach at Bexhill and Eastbourne to name a few.! (Note to myself... must learn how to post photos!!) We do have some beautiful countryside in this little corner of the world! Heard rumbles of thunder and have had steady rain here after a warm and sunny start!.....Ohh well, back to the old routine tomorrow.....booo!
  13. Lovely to come on here and share in "peoples" good news. Well done and good luck!! Cloudy and chlly until about 3ish and then the sun decided to shine.....!
  14. Had a lovely day here!! Wall to wall sunshine, and I even managed to scramble over two motorbikes, four bikes and two sledges (I made my hubby put them at the front of the shed at the start of winter) and got my "sun" chair out!! This morning my 14 year old daughter and myself went for a walk in the woods, just beautiful, the sun was streaming through the trees..... She even said "I love living here"!! ...... When we got home we made some cakes and then tie-dyed some t shirts in the garden in the warm sunshine!! Would just like to add that I don't post often but have found you all to be a friendly, caring bunch even if a bit "mad" sometimes. Keep up the great work!!