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  1. yep its ment too! meto website shows heavy snow from around 1am to 6am with any luck.
  2. well the meto website shows heavy snow for Braintree but nothings going to happen until after 12pm
  3. the meto is still showing light snow for me from 1am tomorrow morning... which better than nothing....
  4. Could be quite dangerous on the road with a layer of ice under the snow.
  5. too many "snowflakes" getting there feelings hurt tonight and running off to their safe places.... sorry i had to mention it.
  6. sleety rain here.. but i swear i can see the orange glow on the horizon.
  7. thats odd.. i just clicked on the next page button aand it redirected me to an argos voucher scam website and it did simular yesterday.
  8. To be fair I'll be happy with just a covering of it at this point.
  9. Cold weather and snow always brings the best and worst out of people..
  10. i have a good feeling about today!. i think (hope) the totals will be 5+ cms in my neck of the woods...
  11. has anything been predicted for the essex area or will we miss it all?
  12. Im sure we can find a way to blame trump for it!.
  13. To be fair i thought the main chances of wintery weather was going to start early feb and anything before then was a bonus.
  14. you wait.. the ecm will switch back to the colder outlook while the ukmo switchs to less cold again.
  15. I think it will be sunday morning it will turn around... just a hunch.
  16. I've seen this drama happen a few times with the models flip flopping just before a cold spell and usually over a weekend. This drama wont stop until late sunday and i bet things will be much better for coldies then... Try not to panic!
  17. I'd be more worried if the ukmo changes. ive noticed in the past that on the run up to a good cold spell the models flip and change right upto the last minute... for some reason it was at the start of and during weekend when it happens the most... just my opinion.
  18. Now you've done it!! you had to mention " That ECM" .. you've damned this entire cold spell!
  19. i really don't understand what we have done wrong thats made it extremely difficult to get a good wintery outbreak... we have a really good ssw event yet somehow a poxy HP to the southwest of us just wants to hang around and spoil the fun so places like Turkey can get a pasting.
  20. Cheer up folks as we all know this is a rapidly evolving situation and the models will playout all the possible outcomes and some runs will be better for cold than others. it doesn't mean the last runs are going to happen and the next set will show a different outcome.
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