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  1. Something in Norwich just got hit with a huge cg hit. Lot up the whole sky! Massive crack too!
  2. Light rain here now in wynondham and can now here some rumbling. It's coming a bit further inland on the east coast now. If it doesn't die out and the hook continues Lincs etc might get hit with this. Will coming inland intensify this or break it down. It's humid like this morning again here in wynondham
  3. Getting a good show west of Norwich. No thunder as it's out too sea/over the coast but looks great. Please swing in land a bit but don't think it's going too
  4. Do you think this import will hit EA this eve or stay out to sea? looks like its heading NNE to me judging by the strikes on lightening maps.
  5. i ve seen a few good CG strikes over here in Wymondham fellow nor-folk. looks like its more your way over in Norwich.
  6. Is this going to fizzle out before it gets into EA/ Norfolk. Still had nothing great here for a while. Good luck to all. Would be nice for this heat to be smashed away by a good storm tonight. Chop chop
  7. Big joe going for a return around valentines day. Seem to remember his late December forecast mentioning a respite/milder condition and then a return to the cold of better proportions. Trying to find more but this is all he has tweeted so far.
  8. I remember the snow of 86, I was four and the snow was up to my waist here in norwich. Ive got a picture somewhere of the snow above my waiste. My parents had to put binbags on my legs because the snow came over my wellies. I also remember 1 meter long icicles and thick as your arm hanging off the roof of the local shop. What a snow event that was, never seen any thing like it since. Can anyone link a chart to this snow event in the east that year?
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