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  1. Yellow weather warning for thunderstorms in our region today just issued.
  2. The yellow warning has now gone from our area for the rain. Surprise.
  3. Always laugh that we get the heat and humidity around here, but the decent storms skirt around us and effect areas less hot and humid.
  4. Had 6 spots of rain............................bugger.
  5. The tie is the least of my problems.........................
  6. As amazing as it will be tomorrow, where is the enjoyment in it? Who will be out working in it with no problems, sun bathing in it? It will be too warm to enjoy, so apart from the enjoyment factor of it being most probably a few records broken, where is the fun?
  7. As exciting as it is to say "I was there.............", I'm not looking forward one iota for tomorrow. It's a rare event, and yes, it is down to global warming, and no, none of us are doing enough about it. But, for those who aren't going to be in a nice air conditioned office/house/shop, it's going to be a very, very uncomfortable 48 hours. For those who are creaming themselves over it, then, fair play, fill your boots, but I for one, sat in an office from 7am until 6pm, with no air con, wearing a suit and tie won't enjoy the ride. I like the sun and warmth, but tomorrow (even now mind) will be too excessive.
  8. Amazing light show here last night, at half one and 3am. Just constant lightening. Stunning.
  9. Right result, dentist called on my way there to say the suction machine had gone down and had to cancel appointment, so now sat in the garden drinking a tinny. Not looking forward to sat in the office the next few days with no air con and just a fan to blow the warm air around. oh well.
  10. Got the dentist at 4pm this afternoon. Gonna be stuck to the chair.
  11. Ooops, sung a christmas ditty the other day. My bad.
  12. Off to the Dominic on Thursday, so looking forward to the heat, and hopefully the odd storm or two.
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