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  1. Was -4 here in beautiful rural Hertfordshire this morning, as my u18 game fell to the weather. Now upto -2.5 but a glorious morning, if a tad chilly.
  2. I do hope these charts verify. Absolute stunning locked in cold.
  3. Yeah I do. Just joshing. I have still no idea what they're talking about mind. But if they get happy.......bingo.
  4. It's lovely when it's falling, and I can watch it through a window in my house....much more enjoyable than sitting in endless traffic jams due to the inch of snow falling.
  5. As long as it's not while I'm trying to get into work, I'm not arsed, but yeah, it either will, or it won't.
  6. I'm sticking with Surrey's snow on Tuesday.
  7. So basically, the downgrade is it's not "Day After Tomorrow" territory then. I'm as confused as a man who's put in a barrel and told to go sit in the corner.