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  1. Light to medium light drizzle over night. Pheobe is now wearing her hat.
  2. Touch of frost this morning around these parts, which led to a glorious start, but cloud has now filled in. Great result last night, although they made me drink too much.......
  3. This could very well be summer
  4. Lovely & warm, with even warmer air being blown around the office by my fan. Lovely-jubbly.
  5. Garden starting to get flooded. What a jaffa cakes poor afternoon.
  6. Doing a family bbq next Saturday.........................
  7. Nice surprise here. Thought we were finished for the winter.
  8. Yep, wonderful way to finish winter. Winter wonderland here. Left work early, just walked around the village, and can now sit back and enjoy it. Lovely Jubbly.
  9. Given up with their graphics. Cloud looks like snow & snow looks like cloud. Pftb.
  10. Nice imagery, but no. I'm at work, and that doesn't literally, work.
  11. Yeah agreed. Would be lovely to see, but I own a house, and I've a few things that would collapse with a foot plus of snow on it.