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  1. The end of next week is a billion years away at the moment. Enjoy the ride. What happens will happen. We've plenty of weather to get through before this time next week.
  2. I wouldn't worry about something that's years away as we speak for the charts. You're prime position for some serious cold. Enjoy the ride. Don't worry about what may or may not happen.
  3. More surprised you've got one...............
  4. We're on the cusp of what everyone has been yearning for, yet this thread is full of drama queens this afternoon. Some cracking charts, and yet still some are complaining. Pftb.
  5. There are a few drama queens about this afternoon.
  6. Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days UK Outlook for Saturday 24 Feb 2018 to Monday 5 Mar 2018: The weekend will be mostly dry, with frost and freezing fog patches clearing to give cold days with sunny spells. Snow flurries may develop across eastern and southern areas where a brisk easterly wind will make it feel bitterly cold. It may be less cold in the far northwest with some rain possible. Into next week it is likely to turn colder with brisk easterly winds, giving a significant wind chill, especially in the south and east. This will give the risk of further snow flurries, which may become heavier and more widespread. There is also the risk of more significant snow pushing northeastwards across southern and some central areas. The north and west will be brighter, and it may be less cold across the far northwest at times. UK Outlook for Tuesday 6 Mar 2018 to Tuesday 20 Mar 2018: At the start of this period it is likely to remain cold or very cold for many with widespread frost and brisk easterly winds from Continental Europe, making it feel raw. This will continue to bring the risk of significant snow across some southern, eastern and central parts of the country, whereas towards the north and west it will start drier. As we head through the middle of March, there is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast, but it may start to turn more unsettled and less cold with the wettest and mildest weather spreading in from the southwest. In contrast, northern and eastern areas could remain colder well into March. Updated: 02:09 on Mon 19 Feb 2018 GMT Bugger
  7. UK Outlook for Monday 19 Feb 2018 to Wednesday 28 Feb 2018: Dry, sometimes bright weather and light winds will predominate in the UK throughout next week, with increasing amounts of overnight frost. Rain or drizzle and stronger winds are possible at times in northwestern areas. Temperatures at the start of next week will be around average for the time of year, and probably slightly above average in the north. However, there will be a trend toward colder weather by the end of the week and into the following week, as winds turn predominately easterly. Wintry showers may develop,with the potential for some significant snowfalls focused on southern, central or eastern areas. The location and intensity of any snowfall will be uncertain until much nearer the time. UK Outlook for Thursday 1 Mar 2018 to Thursday 15 Mar 2018: In first week of March, it is likely to stay cold with widespread overnight frost. There will be a greater chance than usual of easterly winds, which would bring very cold weather at times and the potential for some snowfall in eastern and even southern parts. Unusually, it will probably be driest in the northwest. In the second week of March there are indications that it may become more changeable and less cold, with the wettest weather and mildest temperatures likely to be in the south or the southwest of the UK.
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Kane said: "I felt contact and I went down. I'm not going to jump out of the way because it's football." Ie, I dived.
  9. Premier League Discussion

    Haha. All doing it today, Kane, Ali, Lamela. Cant remember seeing a proper penalty for many a game. Most of these recently have been guesses, or poor officionating.
  10. More of a damp squib here in Potters Bar. Wind has dropped as well.