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  1. Another lovely day. Best summer for along time.
  2. Just about to leave work, and guess what, we have thunder. Grr.
  3. As you say, stunning day......if you're not stuck in the office suited & booted.
  4. We had thunder flies in the garden last night. Haven't seen them in along time.
  5. Typical. Covered the sex swing over in the garden, and doesn't rain. Never mind.
  6. Autumns arrived. Soon be christmas.
  7. Torrential storm in Potters Bar in the last half hour. Makes a change.
  8. Torrential storm here in Potters Bar. Got stuck in the pub.
  9. Caught a glancing blow from a storm about 9ish this morning. Chucked it down for a few minutes, one flash of lighting and a rumble or two of thunder. Now phoebes popped her head out, and it's lovely again.
  10. Raining, and every forcast saying it was further east than here.
  11. We were supposed to have hit 20+ plus last week......................................