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  1. Cold. Wet. Windy. Miserable. It's winter. Nearly.
  2. Did it include sticky backed plastic and a fairy liquid washing up bottle?
  3. That's very kind of you L23, but there are more prominent persons more deserving than moi. By a long shot.
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Blessed by name, blessed by nature.
  5. ooooo, wonder who that could be..............................
  6. I must say, being an advocate of seasonal weather, and although not for all, tis very seasonal out there. Very Dickensian. Very Christmas Carol-esque. Lovely pee-souper out there.
  7. It being the 4th November, I'd take seasonal for the next month or so, any day of the week.
  8. It's the 19th October. It should be autumn. It feels autumn. Today is how autumn should be. Cold fresh morning misty morning giving way to a crystal clear blue sky day, before an early sunset brings on the fog. We've had summer, yet winter is around the corner. Enjoy it. Life is too short to worry about it being too wet, or too cold. Personally, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Not many countries have four seasons in a year.
  9. Good luck mate, and congratulations.
  10. Off to Florida on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing a storm or two.
  11. Nope. Just means being at work is more bearable.