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  1. Nope. Just means being at work is more bearable.
  2. Really? Some are never satisfied. This has been the best summer we've had for many a decade, yet still people have cause to grumble. Depressing my weeble. Two wet days in months, ha ha.
  3. Another anti climax........................still, it's cooler.
  4. I can report at least 3 drops of rain have fallen in Potters Bar in the last 10 minutes.
  5. I think the word, "moist" is very apt.
  6. Getting very noticeable in the evenings. Looking forward to mellow evenings. Like the heat, but when I'm at home in a tee-shirt and shorts, not suited and booted in an office without air conditioning. Roll on October.
  7. Crickey, it's bloomin hot. 34.5 degrees here in our fully non air conditioned offices.
  8. Bogman

    Autumn 2018

    I wear shorts and a tee shirt most of the winter too, especially around the house. Warm blood.
  9. The only thing I know, is that its stained glass windowin hot, here.
  10. I know, just joshing mate. As wonderful as it is, I'd love to be out side sitting in it, not at work.
  11. "Comfortably" it is not - like an Iranian cyclists jockstrap, sat here at my desk with paper being blown around due to the open window, and a fan circulating hot air.
  12. Try looking up, not downwards..............................