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  1. Going by the ensembles for Norfolk, I'm not holding out for spring to arrive during march, the daffodils are going to be shivering for a while longer.
  2. That awkward moment you accidently read the model discussion archive, with massive down grades :[email protected] Back to the present, lol , looking cold for the foreseeable and with the extra stratosphere warning, maybe with us for a while :-)
  3. It seems to me the weekend is the 18z very hungover brother, output always seems to be missing something :[email protected] when the models go in low res, it's like someone let's down a balloon. I think the easterly is gonna be like Mr deeds butler, but interesting model watching.
  4. Maybe anyone with power in the government, recent stories in the media, expenses and such things, no reason for the government to do something like this? Sorry but i've got no faith in the establishment!
  5. Predicting barbecue summers, when they know it isn't going to happen (so people prepare for the summer, buying summer things rather than raincoats), in early spring to make people positive and spend more money! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8026668.stm