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  1. All disaster films are somewhat cheesey, though I will be seeing In To The Storm! I remember when my ex told me about that first Sharknado movie and I thought she was pulling my leg, I've still not seen it though from the trailers they look like they are supposed to be silly like Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes.
  2. This. They are easy to use, sleek and as a bonus they are just about indestructible. I've climbed a mountain, rode 30 foot waves on a boat, storm chased in baking heat, crossed continents, fallen 20 feet down a rock slope and all kinds with mine on me yet it still never misses a beat. I once dropped it a good 5 feet on to a solid bathroom floor and it actually bounced back up in to my hand! The only down side is that like all tablet computers the camera can be a bit rubbish in low light but I'm betting you aren't buying it for that anyway.
  3. That only people I add as friends can see or look up, is this doable? I deleted my old one a couple of months back after ongoing problems with a few people because of it so this time I want to be sure that only people I add as friends myself can actually see the account or anything I post on it, I've looked on Google but most of the results on this one are unclear. I suppose I could always preemptively use the block function on people who have given me aggro in the past to make it invisible to them if I cannot set the profile to appear that way to outsiders by default.
  4. As any animal can I'd imagine, that's why we vaccinate humans against it at an early age and I thought the same was true of pets. If this is not the case then it needs looking at.
  5. Risky business, the BBC could very easily counterclaim that with a libel charge.
  6. Your typical BBC Three watcher will or have access to someone / somewhere that does.
  7. Made this album public so more people can see it, these are personal shots I took with my tablet computer while in SA recently as part of a film crew. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153466544160118.1073741832.859440117&type=1&l=911bba0428
  8. Indeed, a lot of social addons do that. For blocking ads on webpages you want to install Firefox or Chrome and use the AdBlock Plus addon, Safari has a version of it too though it is not as good as the Chrome and Firefox versions which also takes out those infuriating adverts that YouTube puts at the start of clips.
  9. Tim B

    OSX Maverick

    Really? I use Tunnelblick for VPN and have not had any problems thus far though that updates itself a lot, the same cannot be said for other software on Maverick however and a lot of independent developers have had to patch for it themselves as a lot of application interfaces simply refused to load on it. Overall it feels better on my own system since it is brand new but I'm betting a lot of people won't be feeling the same way when an extra gig of their memory suddenly vanished and their favorite apps stopped running.
  10. Tim B

    OSX Maverick

    Just put this on mine as well, 5.3 gig download which takes a while but the install process is smooth and everything looks stable. Its memory print is slightly larger than Mountain Lions was so you might want to keep this in mind if you have an older machine, other than that it seems decent so far.
  11. Cheers, I'll have a look around in the settings for that! I've found some software that works in the way we are talking about and while that will never work vs a pro thief, it might give some peace of mind while I'm away at work. Etc. For now though I have decided to simply lend it to someone I trust while I am away for long periods on film shoots and such, as secure as modern technology is it still eases my mind knowing that my new pride and joy is being guarded by a real person.
  12. I recently bought a new iMac to use with my TV production course (we use Macs for editing and such, they do the job well) but I know very little about them as I've always used Windows and Linux computers in the past, however I did see something on TV recently where someone had one stolen but was able to retrieve it and prosecute the thieves because he had some software installed that took pictures and tagged the GPS location when the unit was moved. Though I have no idea what the software was because they didn't say, any ideas? Cheers.
  13. Socially inept blokes who go mad with likes and comments every time a girl posts anything on facebook, doesn't that just make you sick!
  14. Agreed, as I'd argue that being accused of such things when you are innocent is a big a sexual trauma for a man as it is actually being being raped as a woman. I know as I have been on the receiving end of it myself when a disgruntled ex wanted to get back at me, it took me 6 years to get over it during which time I simply could not let another woman in to my life. The effect such allegations can have on people are horrendous so any prison sentence should reflect that.
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