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  1. Crazy amount of snow coming down in Birchwood!!
  2. Andrew Owens

    North west regional discussion

    Big flakes falling again in Birchwood - Warrington.
  3. Andrew Owens

    North west regional discussion

    Really heavy snow in Birchwood...amazing!
  4. you confident its still moving Chris?
  5. Come on!! What are you looking at to see the distance?
  6. Not far from you in Litherland counting those miles down with you!! Fingers crossed.
  7. Barnes on Sky Sports making a tit of himself...

  8. anyway, I'm attempting to stay awake for MOTD. I haven't seen it much this season!! Superb blues!!!!

  9. Oh I've never felt more like singing the blues, when Everton win and Liverpool lose oh Everton, you got me singing the blues!!!!

  10. get in you blue boy!!!!!

  11. what a goal, Blackpool are coming to Goodison!!!

  12. game on, quality pens.