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  1. Gustywind

    Spain weather

    In Southern Portugal currently, after a week of 25-28c and strong sea breezes PM, today we saw a big change in the weather, aligned to the arrival of the 20c 850 temp. Hit 33c here this afternoon, wind was negligible, even PM and the hot air has brought an eruption of flying ants & midges, quite horrific! Tomorrow we see the 24-26c 850 line reach us, looking at 35c for my locale, god knows how hot further inland.
  2. Gustywind

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yep I’m not far from those areas and large parts of my garden are under water now after over an hour of hail and torrential rain , and it’s still pouring down.
  3. Severe storms around Birmingham for past 2 hours, very frequent lightning (3 or 4 flashes per minute), quite incredible. Think it’s possibly starting to ease/move north now.
  4. Gustywind

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Still going on around Brum, can’t remember a storm as severe as this for a long time, quite remarkable. Sadly there will likely be some negative consequences.
  5. Crazy storms in West Mids also, not seen/heard anything like this in UK before.
  6. Gustywind

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Incredible storms at mo, lightning every 20 seconds or so and thunder in between. Not seen/heard a storm as bad as this for years, quite incredible and it’s been going over an hour now. The downside is if you’re awake it’s impossible to get back to sleep :-(
  7. Gustywind

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Circa 12-14cms here in Wythall, very surprised how much we’ve had overnight, didn’t expect much more than a few cms to be honest. Think that’s the 4th 10cm+ fall this winter, which is 4 more than we had in any individual winter since 2013.
  8. Yeah not too fussed on anymore snow to be honest, much milder tomorrow and hopefully all gone by Monday (don’t like it hanging around). Fantastic start and end to winter, middle bit was largely forgettable! Bring on summer!
  9. Temp still rising +0.2c didn’t expect it above freezing till tomorrow, hopefully will dip back below zero as daylight fades and not continue to rise!
  10. Temps rising faster than expected here, forecast high was -2 but up to -0.5c here.
  11. Deep cold slowly mixing out over next 24 hours, up to -2.6c here though dew points much lower. Back above zero tomorrow.
  12. Initial measurements from my back garden in Wythall (5 miles south of Brum), Level snow (measured on bin sheltered from wind) - 12 cms Drifts 25 - 50cms The 40-50cm drifts at the bottom of the garden are particularly impressive.
  13. The Midlands forecast has the snow reaching Stoke this evening, looked like a few hours of snow.
  14. Good Midlands Today forecast, though doesn’t look like the snow radar has been updated to reflect the more Easterly track! Didn’t have the updated amber warning also, so think it was all a bit out of date. More snow apparently tomorrow evening/night, 5-10cms widespread apparently. More snow Sunday night, potential stalling front. Predictions all Shefalis so don’t blame me if they’re wrong!
  15. LOL, channel low 168-192 on ECM, 850s around -4/-5 for Mids....round 2 next week?