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  1. Hopefully very slow moving also, not worried about the blue stuff that follows.
  2. Thanks both, yes reckon you must be right, can’t think of any other explanation that makes sense.
  3. Interesting how the showers north of Birmingham seem to be having far fewer issues sustaining strength as they cross the country, compared to the ones south that are dying out east of Brum? Anyone know what the scientific reason for this?
  4. There was no shortage of showers yesterday, they were just a bit rubbish, too sugar grain like & lacked any strength by the time they arrived. Even looking at places further east like Sheikhy’s, amounts were pretty small given the volume of showers/streamers that rattled through. I think I actually saw more lying snow in the Feb05 easterly than this one, simply due to some of the showers at night or first thing being a lot heavier back then. The cold is impressive, it felt pretty bone chilling running 7k in it on Sunday PM, but the wind wasn’t quite as strong as 2018.
  5. You’re just down the road from me Eskimo. We’re on the southern edge of the streamer, which has lighter stuff compared to the Northern edge. Bit frustrating we can’t see a bit more intensity as we are being fairly regularly hit by the streamer it seems.
  6. Lucky streamers I guess, but we’re not talking epic falls here, 1-2cms for most from what I can see, maybe a bit more in N Brum now from this mornings activity.
  7. About a cm here in total, roads hazardous though & most surfaces completely white for now so nice to look at. Just on the south edge of the wash streamer so getting some flakes falling from time to time inbeteeen bursts of sunshine & a fair bit of blue sky, so a real mixed bag. Just need the streamer to edge just a touch southwards & get a bit heavier to shut out the sunlight. Proper flakes this morning also, none of the rubbish graupel/sugar grain stuff we were plagued with all day yesterday.
  8. Out of interest, why are so few showers forecast for tomorrow compared to today?
  9. I’m just catching the north edge of the streamer in my locale, it’s given me a covering but it’s hardly memorable tbh. Not sure it will keep going much longer.
  10. We had that forecast a couple of hours back but it’s been downgraded now along with whole of tomorrow to virtually nothing !
  11. My areas caught bits of Sheikys streamer over past couple of hours, finally got the thinnest of thin coverings out of it, albeit patchy & mostly affecting the grass! Pathetic really, only good thing is it should hang around a bit so if we get anything else it maybe a bit less patchy. Certainly not as good as I’d hoped today & not even a patch on Feb 05 easterly despite much lower temperatures this time round.
  12. Radar looked a bit better when I last checked, just need showers to retain intensity into the evening and think that at least should provide most of us with a covering at the minimum, hopefully a bit more.
  13. Thanks, yes think that will be key if here in the central & west of the region we’re to get much more than a thin covering. The east of the region is looking much better, so no such worries for them!
  14. Showers still falling apart as they travel past Leicester, us there any reason beyond plain hope casting, to suggest this may change at any stage today or tonight?
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