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  1. That big blob of snow over the Cotswolds across to Bristol is incredible, just keeps on re-energising itself and has barely moved for hours, must have dumped incredible amounts over that area by now.
  2. Snow on edge of Worcester & Stratford now, cmon snow keep pushing north!
  3. Snow closing in on a line from Hereford to Gloucester currently.
  4. South Wales looks the sweet spot to me, Brecons should do well.
  5. Further North is a good thing if correct. Met Office forecast looks very bland for South Birmingham now, just a 50% chance of light snow between 11pm and 4am. Huge downgrade vs.this time yesterday when it was showing 12 hours and a few hours of heavy snow with 80% probability.
  6. Yes not far at all, was looking good for our locale a couple of days ago, but not very hopeful now. Think they’ll be another opportunity though before end of Feb, there’s still March of course also!
  7. A covering at best I reckon for Central Mids, a few cms for those further south like Hereford, Gloucestershire etc. After looking like 10cms or more a couple of days ago, very disappointing tbh.
  8. Moderate snow here now, don’t expect it to settle anytime soon though.
  9. 80% snow here now, another 5-10 mins & will be all snow I reckon.
  10. Sleet here now also (Wythall - 6 Miles due south of Brum)
  11. Yes I agree & yet still we’ve been unable to get the HLB required. It just seems a lot more difficult to achieve in the height of winter these days, remember several very cold Jans in late 70s & 80s, they seem almost impossible these days,
  12. When’s the last time we actually had a decent long cold spell in January? I can think of only one in the last 20 years and that was 2010. One sub 3c Jan in the same period? Perhaps time to accept that it’s no longer possible to get one when the PV/Jet is at its peak during winter? Hence why the good spells tend to come at the start & end of winter.
  13. In Southern Portugal currently, after a week of 25-28c and strong sea breezes PM, today we saw a big change in the weather, aligned to the arrival of the 20c 850 temp. Hit 33c here this afternoon, wind was negligible, even PM and the hot air has brought an eruption of flying ants & midges, quite horrific! Tomorrow we see the 24-26c 850 line reach us, looking at 35c for my locale, god knows how hot further inland.
  14. Yep I’m not far from those areas and large parts of my garden are under water now after over an hour of hail and torrential rain , and it’s still pouring down.
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