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  1. Looking back to comments a year ago, glorious wall to wall sunshine then building up to the loooong hot summer. Swings, roundabouts and all that.
  2. Until this blinkin wind. Grrrrr. Broad beans corralled, peas all over the shop. Alliums a bit bent, battered and bruised. Still on the bright side no black fly, yet......
  3. All birds and fledglings flown, swifts, swallows and martins are here, lapwing and curlew calling up in the hills, quite a few cuckoos too. Seen my first hornet of the year, blimey it’s huuuge! Veg beds looking good at the moment, peas and pole beans in, kale coming up, first set of onions and leeks and garlic doing well, spinach and chard good, parsnips no sign of and need to sew raddichio this weekend, as well as some borlotti beans.
  4. Over the tops on the way to Oswestry this morning. And now it’s glorious sunshine!
  5. Utterly glorious day yesterday, and bodes equally well for today. Current garden activity on hold as we tiptoe round, because Mr and Mrs robin are hatching eggs near the veg beds and team blue tit likewise by the shed.
  6. My favourite type of day. Currently snowing proper in Glyn Ceiriog, snowing a lot up over Nantyr and Llanarmon. Currently by fire drying out from snowy dog walk, just about to 🧶 knit and have a cup of tea.....
  7. Snowy sleet in Glyn valley, higher up settling, tried to get up Nantyr Hill to walk Stormy Norman, turned back halfway 4x4 terrain only at the moment.
  8. Snowing steadily over the tops earlier on, even down to Oswestry. Now light snow but melting on contact. Fire on, vanilla coffee to hand, not going anywhere
  9. Icy snow thing ahappened over night, after a Tuesday of hailstorms and wintry showers.
  10. Quite agree DRG, enjoy Knockers posts, and yet, wistfully wishing for snow risks so Frosty and MattWolves can continue to post
  11. Walking Stormy Norm on tops this pm, sleety rain on us, snow blizzard on mountain to my east, blue sky and sun toward Llanarmon, then all turned towinty showers. Meanwhile in the Glyn, rain.
  12. Lightly snowing or is it snowing lightly? Anyway, white stuff coming down.
  13. Lightly snowing or is it snowing lightly? Anyway, white stuff coming down.
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