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  1. snefnug

    3 Word Story

    And that would
  2. snefnug

    3 Word Story

    What’s in Hillingdon?
  3. snefnug

    3 Word Story

    The bees died
  4. A lot of us, except it’s not our own parents but older people in the valley who don’t have relatives nearby and now we don’t have the bus, no transport. I have a couple in their mid 80’s and a lady in her 90s who I shop for, used to clean for but now cannot, and whose dogs I walk. Sometimes it can be quite demanding.....
  5. Hi mods, can’t seem to load the actual vid, so please feel free to delete last posting . But for you all, if you track it down on Wales today it is a hoot!
  6. By cripes, it’s getting tense in the C-19 local thread. And now on a lighter note
  7. Only in Wales...



  8. Lovely in the sunshine today, but egads! That wind is strong and dashed chilly!
  9. Well done. Keep it up. Take up knitting (keeps hands busy)
  10. No, probs because (from my experience of working in Netherlands 80’s to 2000’s), the young smoked more than a fleet full of Manx kippers, so check the lungs,...,
  11. You.gov publish weekly flu updates, where it is tracked in hospitals, care homes and schools, so I guess anomalies would have been picked up if there were any.
  12. And you get your refund. Friend of mine cancelling flight to Rome for rugby match told ‘well the plane is still flying’, so no ticket refund.
  13. In our store cupboard (courtesy of our usual quarterly whole food collective), 3kg oats, 3kg white spelt flour, 2kg wholemeal spelt flour, dried chickpeas, red lentils, green lentils, brown lentils, basmati rice, arborio rice, wild rice, spelt pasta, tray of 12 canned tomato, tray of 6 coconut milk, butter beans, 4 litres olive oil, 3 litres cider vinegar, a veritable shitload of toilet roll. Half pig coming to freezer Monday (ordered before c-19 outbreak). my panic buying, 3 boxes red wine, 1 box white wine, cat food, tinned mackerel, tinned tuna. but, if my clients need any of this, and I can’t buy it from supermarket, then, my store is their store. except the wine..... Although, tbh, most of my clients have Super stocked freezers of Wiltshire farmed foods, Tinned spam, corned beef, pilchards, fray bentos pies, canned soup, just from gradual accrual, cos they forgot they had them.
  14. Stuff you were looking to buy or your purchases?
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