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  1. Misty murky morning after all the weekend rain. A refreshing (ermmm chilly) morning in the valley. Still beautiful though.
  2. Aannddd all change... rain off and on all day, constant now. Murky, misty, log burner on, cats in. Leek, chicken and mushroom bake for supper.
  3. What a fabulous day, as was yesterday, sun, warm wind, butterflies fluttering, ladybirds whizzing and very very lazy large dumbledores drowsily flopped on the sedums. Leaves beginning to fall, garden spiders spinning webs everywhere. Marred only by two plasterers working next door, with thick Liverpudlian accents, swearing and arguing when not belching..... have been uber polite and asked them to “please tone it down”.....
  4. Second morning now where I have switched heating on for an hour At 6: 30 am to take the chill off. Yesterday set off to town layered up with woollies - cardigan, scarf, hat - temps being a brisk 4degrees c in the valley. Oswestry was a good 5 degrees warmer and full of folk wearing shorts and wondering if I was nesh......
  5. Think autumn slipped in through the cat flap. I had a wool neck snood on yesterday late afternoon, distinctly cool air when sun slipped round back of Nantyr Hill.
  6. Sun goes behind hill at back by evening and house is cool because we keep the blinds down am. But all excuses really, , we love a fire when sun goes down... lovely balmy Lammastide, hints of autumn, Rowan trees heavy with fruit, wild raspberry fruiting, blackberrys and elderberries ripening, long hazy filaments of spider’s silk lacing the air. Hedges heavy with filberts, butterflies, mainly the painted ladies, here, some peacocks, far fewer butterflies in all this year. Two frogs in our new pond. Life is good. if I could tear my backside away from the Ceiriog Valley, laugharne is numero uno onthe list. Happy Lammas!
  7. Not so today, a very refreshing day of cooling rain and mizzle. Yippee, no watering of veg beds and a cooler sleeping night, perhaps even a fire in the log burner?
  8. Thunderstorms missed us today, although could hear rumbling. A bit heaty on dog walks, but now, with temps in Llangollen around apparently 29, again, in Glyn valley quite temperate, cooling little breeze running around, blue sky, red clouds. Supper alfresco again. Soooooooo glad I live not in urban area or south east.
  9. Whilst the exciting late night thunderstorm didn’t really clear the air today, it was muggy most of am into pm, it is now a lovely summer, mugginessless evening. And with the sun moved round to the back of the hill, almost calls for a cardigan..... enjoying glass of Galician baixa white wine before cooking Padrón peppers and garlicky prawns to celebrated husband’s birthday, lemon Almond tart with passion fruit and mango curd filling for pud.
  10. We haven’t had as many bees this summer and we are in a big bee keeping area, but generally insect count down. Increasing numbers of hover fly, which is good. Next to no cabbage whites or butterflies in general. Went to a talk by a young bug expert who thinks a) pesticides and b) climate change In that many of our insects migrate up to us in spring and Down to south in autumn, carried on wind. However, up in the lanes on the tops, plenty of action among the harebells, wild pea, yarrow and clovers, so that’s what we will be growing in our forest garden or next season.
  11. Looking back to comments a year ago, glorious wall to wall sunshine then building up to the loooong hot summer. Swings, roundabouts and all that.
  12. Until this blinkin wind. Grrrrr. Broad beans corralled, peas all over the shop. Alliums a bit bent, battered and bruised. Still on the bright side no black fly, yet......
  13. All birds and fledglings flown, swifts, swallows and martins are here, lapwing and curlew calling up in the hills, quite a few cuckoos too. Seen my first hornet of the year, blimey it’s huuuge! Veg beds looking good at the moment, peas and pole beans in, kale coming up, first set of onions and leeks and garlic doing well, spinach and chard good, parsnips no sign of and need to sew raddichio this weekend, as well as some borlotti beans.
  14. Over the tops on the way to Oswestry this morning. And now it’s glorious sunshine!
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