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    Glyn Ceiriog. 197m ASL
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    Snow, knitting, snow, cooking and thumbing my nose at doommongers.
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    Snow in winter, good sun at other times with appropriate rain.

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  1. Teeny tiny bit of snow today walking Norman the dog in The Ceiriog Forest and Facebook, bless it, popped up a reminder to me on April 26 that five years ago, on that date, it was snowing in my garden. And here be the photo of April 26 2016
  2. Heavy hail or snow showers off and on all day and a bitter wind! Currently snowing heavily. Canned as many outdoor jobs as possible today, stayed in and baked. Tomorrow morning is village community tidy day. Wonder if we’ll have snow cover?
  3. After a wild windy night a cold showery day. Got pelleted by hailstones taking Norm the dog for a lunchtime walk and drove through a sharp sleet burst on the way home from Tregeiriog to Glyn Ceiriog this dusk.
  4. Don’t think there’s much German left and don’t think they are inbred.
  5. Nope couldn’t care less about the top and very aptly monikered duo.
  6. Spoke too soon. Mist, fog? has wound its way up the valley so horrible grey dank morning.
  7. Happy St David’s Day! A chilly 0c and another frosty morning. Forecast temps not as high as yesterday, so tops 7c for our valley, but sunshine most of the day.
  8. Another jolly cold morning, -1c, with another frost. Sky clear, bidding for a fine late winter, early spring morning.
  9. Been a curates egg day today, good in parts. Blue skies then scudding grey clouds. Temps roughly 8 degrees for most of the day after frosty start. Notice beeb weather rowed back on the epic warmth of the forecast two days ago.
  10. Bit of change from yesterday. Chilly howling wind, feels colder than the 10c it’s supposed to be, rain incoming.
  11. Hahaha joke? It’s been snowing here in the Ceiriog Valley fo four hours, light snow, but steady and it has settled. Just stopped now.
  12. Snowing, light but steady. Sticking cos ground rock hard cold
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