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  1. Ridiculous. Been snowing since about 5pm here. This was about an hour ago: 30011230_374667059701092_3413430000139894784_n.mp4
  2. I made it to Manchester and back. Seems that many parts around there and now down south have had the big events this time rather than us.
  3. Morning chaps! I'm heading off around 10. Looks OK but some heavier stuff moving into the Leeds area, so fingers crossed.
  4. North Easterner here! Travelling to Manchester this morning from Durham. Any of you guys with more local knowledge (and seeing what the snow is like) any sense of whether the A1 and M62 should be OK until around 12?
  5. Snowing in Leeds, apparently. Looking at it, my thoughts for my Manchester trip are: The main snow tonight has almost cleared the A66. Looks like slow traffic, but still open. Snow due to hit M62 now and later. Snow tomorrow, at least the main stuff, should be around 12 onwards around Leeds-Hull-M62. So if I head down the A1 and the A66 is open, I might as well cross the Pennines there, rather than risk travelling down into the most prone part. From there I can head down the M6 and that should be trouble free. If the A66 is closed, I'll just get to Leeds asap and hope.
  6. Rain here the whole time. Now petering out. Not that it ever really got going.
  7. At best it's snizzle/drizzle. Either the radar's not working or the sky isn't.
  8. There's no precipitation at all here!
  9. Safe to say that even if we get there, I think we'll struggle to get back that night. Hotel looks a better idea and then travel on Sunday afternoon back to the NE.
  10. If there's an item on Look North tomorrow about a frustrated dad having gone insane and trying to dig himself a path to Old Trafford to watch the FA Cup game with his son... you'll know exactly who it is.
  11. It's been disgusting out there for something like 36 hours or more now. Just horrible.
  12. I might revise my "let's go over the N Pennines to Manchester to avoid the M62" idea...
  13. I might go the Weardale > Hartside > Lakes > Manchester kamikaze route. Wish me luck!
  14. WHen is that mainly due to fall? Friday? Sat? Sun?
  15. That's how I'm seeing it. Right now the worst of it looks like overnight Friday to Saturday. If they can clear it, then I should be OK as it doesn't look as bad during the day. Realistically I can leave anytime from 7am to 3pm. Gives me a bit of a window. Might end up just gauging the radar and traffic reports on google maps.