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  1. Some great stuff this evening. Went for a 40 minute walk in the driving snow!
  2. Durham looks like missing out yet again. Never seem to get a streamer here.
  3. Maybe 3-4cm on favoured surfaces. Was expecting the N sea to be a bit busier right now TBH.
  4. The buried car is on the road leading up from Cornsay Colliery towards Tow Law, about 500 yards from the pub at Cornsay Colliery. The other one is just starting on the road down to Stanhope from the Pennines just before Crawleyside.
  5. Allow me to recall last year (and why 7cm doesn't seem like much to my boy!). 10 brownie pts for getting the locations right:
  6. Given the decent dumpings we got last year and the fact we've generally had at least one hefty fall every year for a while (plus the fact I drag the kids up to the Pennines whenever there's a big fall), when I told my 8yo boy that his grandparents would be getting a lot of snow, he asked how much... I said, about 7cm (showing him how much that was)... Great NE kid-used-to-snow response: "well that's not much!".
  7. Cheers! Fingers crossed we all get a decent amount, then. Though I think my folks in E Kent will be getting a lot more than me!
  8. Yes, but it was pretty tame compared to what's coming into Newcastle. I'll see what the night brings. Will the winds veer more NEly later?
  9. Looks pretty rubbish in the Durham area. Any hope later on? Or is it basically a Tyneside affair tonight?
  10. Yep. Little sort of mini streamer. Not sure if we'll catch the next one - it's pretty limited but we'll see what happens.
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