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  1. Absolutely! This is 1 April 2013. Near Langdon Beck/the ski centre up there. After this I came back to Durham where it was 10°C and planted my broad beans!
  2. Agree with that. You can always tell we've missed out on proper heavy snow, because people start reporting heavy snow and blizzards and whiteouts when it's no more than moderate snow with a moderate breeze.
  3. It will surprise no one to know that I too have been having these worries/asking these questions.
  4. It really has been a frustrating period. Better to miss out by 200 miles that to be so close so often in so few days.
  5. All I'm saying is, I expect membership of The Club to increase substantially this afternoon.
  6. They need to penetrate a long way inland for me. The top of the NYM always does for us when it's from the SE. I just want to hit -10°C. Currently -9.8°C.
  7. I knew it! Hate to say it, but it looks like it'll miss most the stretch from up to the Toon too.
  8. -9.1°C. I've just spent 5 minutes sorting out the car battery charger. Thin jumper and slip on shoes. I'm bloody freezing!
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