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  1. It's such a strange feeling knowing that the countdown to the "beast " is now set in stone and runs are upgrading every day ....Not used to it and last time I remember it happening (model output) was 2010. Bloody amazing and bring it on ...As long as it snows in Winchester!!!!!
  2. latest radar ...little movement to the east seams to be moving from NE to SW direction
  3. Pepped up a bit now ...sorry about the poor lamp post filming ? 516FA757-162A-4717-BB45-2977505756A8.MOV
  4. I know the GFS precip charts are a bit hit and miss but I would expect a few flurries anywhere in our region for tomorrow . Pretty much like December were here in Winchester we had a few heavy bursts of snow with little settling .
  5. Hi Dominic ...if weather warnings were issued based on model output we'd be inundated! It looks like it'll be getting colder but the finer detail (which would result in a warning if snow was forecast) can only be determined much closer to the event . Models will go be an indication of trend so I wouldn't get excited yet as I've learned from 6 or so years of lurking in this thread ...until theyre in the so called reliable (72 hrs or less) .
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