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  1. Good morning to you all. It's good to be back on here looking for the hunt for cold and snowy weather... we don't seem to be in a to bad position at the moment.. I've known worse lol... I though I'd have a look back through the model discussion thread to see how things were looking this time last year to the very day were on now. It's interesting to see how it was all looking for cold but of course we all know how it turned out. Still a new winter season (nearly) and hopefully things will turn out brutally cold and snowy as we head deeper into winter. Here is the link if you fan
  2. I would prefer to go to sleep in October with a big stockpile of treats and wake up sometime near the end of April when the warmer weather and the lighter days are coming back again.... unless we get record snow then someone please wake me up..
  3. Wish we could have the names of the members back at the bottom of the page again. You never know if your alone in here anymore.. Added to the atmosphere in here when you could see a cold spell coming and the members count would increase daily lol.. plus it's nice to know who's online.
  4. Could Do, we were waterlogged and yet now it's a whiteout , everything covered?
  5. I know how you feel. That's how I've felt all day. Untill this heavy snow turned up tonight out of the blue. Your turn will come ?❄❄❄❄❄
  6. Thats mad and your high up.. Hope it comes your way ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄
  7. Just near Ditton, edge of Maidstone .. 50p size flake since 6pm. Started as rain then changed. Settling on roads , cars.. Hope it carries on all night ?❄❄
  8. So both Tuesday and Thursday failed to produce snow here and tonight when it was forcast as rain it's been heavy since 6pm and white outside .. well happy now. Just shows you what can happen ?
  9. F F S For the 2nd time this week I wake up and look out the window to see no snow. Not even a dusting. On the news it's showing all the snow that fell including the SE. Pleased for those who are waking up for snow this morning. Snow shields working 100% lol.
  10. Good luck, light to start snow but it's deffinatly picking up a bit now.. ?❄
  11. I've only just got in from work and was wondering what time the action should start over kent way please ?
  12. Bloody shortwave luck... We've been waiting since end of December so I guess another delay in the Easterly wont harm lol ???
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