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  1. Bloody typical, the next 2 weeks Is cold Wth N.Easterlys.. we had to wait till April.... Roll on warmth...
  2. 3 nights on the trot I've been sub zero.. Had to scrape the car each morning and with a frosty lawn to boot. Not bad considering how lovely it is by lunchtime each day. Actually really liking this weather..
  3. Once again a sharp frost this morning All surfaces white. Currently -0.8 dropped to -2.3 Looks like winter but will feel like spring once that suns up today..
  4. Another frosty morning Dropped -1.2. Currently -0.7 If anything we've had our fair share of frosts this winter but nowt else...
  5. I think the point is snow in March struggles to stay on the ground unless it's in very extreme circumstances.. Where as in February with weak sun and cold sufurce we can get laying snow for days in the right conditions .. Anyway looks very spring like now for the next 14 days or so and for a landscape gardener like myself I will take it... The chase for me is Over till 2019/20
  6. To sum up winter 2028/19 so far Ice days . None. Days of lying snow . None. Frosts. Half dozen. Verdict. Spring please..
  7. Any snow in Thanet ?? On my hols in Spain at mo.. Can't believe I'm missing the white stuff.
  8. Not all of us had snow.. Was very marginal in the south east. Sleet wet snow rain.. To sum up just cold & wet... Will need it to be colder than it has been the last 24 hrs..
  9. Has been snowing & sleeting all morning here in Ramsgate/manston. Nothing settling.. Dusting last night. Now just wet , temp hoovering around +0.5c
  10. Sleet & wet snow on & off all night in Ramsgate/manston Temp 0.2c This is what i have to show for it.. Not quite the beast ....
  11. Here in Ramsgate/Manston temps dropping like a stone. Gone from 4.4c to 2.0c in 45 mins.. d.p 1c high level cloud. Hoping by the time it gets here it will all be snow. Ground dry & cold too. Pond still has ice from 2 night's ago.. Could be a eventful night.
  12. Dropped to -5.4 in ramsgate/Manston Currently -2.8... Everything white with hoar frost.
  13. Same.. i live in the S.E and yes its been truly barmy , probally why the southern N.Sea is still around 16c.. Will needs weeks of below average temps to get that down.
  14. Correct. The most likely way to see nationwide snow in nov-early Dec would be from a straight Northly rather than Easterly (to early)..eventually the Easterly will produce but will take a long time given temps & SSTs.. Its going to turn colder but how cold will depend on where the high settles.
  15. Agree we are heading in the right direction but after an incredibly warm to very mild Autumn thus far it would take a near miracle for snowy Nivarna this side of Xmas..having said that small acorns.!
  16. Guys these charts are great but far to soon in the season. Mainland europe has barely had a frost & SSTs are around 14-15c...so where exacly is the cold layer gonna come from. Great charts if it were mid-late Jan...This is not a 2010 scenario unfortunatly..
  17. Well 3rd morning wth snow in bck garden all be it fairly patchy now. Total lying snow days 8. ( never more than 2-5cm at a time) Total Ice days 7 Amazingly all in March... Have a feeling if it had been January id be looking at a lot more Snow. But beggers cant be choosers.. Spring now please.
  18. Dont bank on it. Snowed fairly heavy here for half hr , temps at 0 c & still didnt settle.. During the last beast we had cold easterly for 4 days prior to snow which froze the ground solid before any precipitation. This time we had sun & 14c the day before the mini beast ( was wrking outside in a t- shirt) Was inpressed by how mch air temp dropped in 24hr period but ground temps didnt get the memo !!!
  19. I live in kent & has the grand total of 2cm during the last beast. A dusting today ( not exactly feeling spoilt...) I think a lot of you forget we had showers last time & patchy snow today so therfore we havent all had a pasting here in Kent at all.
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