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  1. Well 3rd morning wth snow in bck garden all be it fairly patchy now. Total lying snow days 8. ( never more than 2-5cm at a time) Total Ice days 7 Amazingly all in March... Have a feeling if it had been January id be looking at a lot more Snow. But beggers cant be choosers.. Spring now please.
  2. Dont bank on it. Snowed fairly heavy here for half hr , temps at 0 c & still didnt settle.. During the last beast we had cold easterly for 4 days prior to snow which froze the ground solid before any precipitation. This time we had sun & 14c the day before the mini beast ( was wrking outside in a t- shirt) Was inpressed by how mch air temp dropped in 24hr period but ground temps didnt get the memo !!!
  3. Can confirm light Snow Ramsgate/Manston. Temp 0.0c
  4. I live in kent & has the grand total of 2cm during the last beast. A dusting today ( not exactly feeling spoilt...) I think a lot of you forget we had showers last time & patchy snow today so therfore we havent all had a pasting here in Kent at all.
  5. Whats this i see.. Thought winter was done !!!
  6. Wow that all melted quick. 5cm Gone... 4c..
  7. Thaw here.2.6c Misty.. Nice while it lasted Back to Work nxt week.
  8. Been a blast. Take care. All the best see you 2018/19
  9. My parting gift to this thread. Great day. 5cm on top of what i already had. Temps all week below freezing , currently -0.5c hightest its been since monday. Still wth Snizzle.. As ive already said i will remember the spell for its deep cold..(Deep snow would have topped it ) I had 4 snow events but each only delivered 2-3cm at best. ( 5days of lying snow , not seen for 5 years) Looked great each time though so not to dissapointed. Today was the icing on the cake wth the freezing rain ( not seen before) then topped up wth a 4 hour spell of snow. Will i remember this Winter in 10 years time. ?? Probally !! But at the age of 45 ive seen a fair few better...
  10. Bye bye Beast. Miss you already. See you in 20 years. It was a blast...
  11. Teprature wise this defo was a beast My top temps. My low temps Tues -0.6 -4.8 Weds -3.3 -6.5 Thurs -0.5 -5.9 Fri -2.1 -3.3 Leading up to Tues we had already had 5 consecutive nights below freezing as well. Still snowing lightly.
  12. Good to see most of this thread are getting a final hoorah. We should all be seeing 2-5cm from this front. Still snowing moderatly here & more to come looking at the radar . My little man has cold toes... Temp -2.3c Could i be on for my 4th concecutive ice day ?
  13. Heavy snow now in Ramsgate/Manston after this mornings Icestorm. Everything white & topping up my garden nicely. This will be it after today so im reasonably satisfied. Not blown away but its been a nice spell What impressed me most were the very low temps especially for this late in the winter/spring Had 4 snow events but each only giving a few c.m each time. ( still hwavy snow right now though) Compared to other places i feel we missed out a bit but there are others that did worse than me so i will be thankful. We give thanks to the Snow Gods & look forward to Winter 2018/19?
  14. So dangerous outside. Everything now covered in a 2mm layer of Ice. People falling over , cars sliding around. Wheres the Amber warning for this. Far more of a problem then any snow we have had.. Temp outside. -2.7c Looking ar the Radar i dont see any organised snow event happening. Unless anyone knows otherwise ??
  15. Now -3.6 Still freezing rain So icy. This is a new one for me and im 45..