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  1. This will be my 5th winter wth no lying snow.. nxt 2 weeks are looking mild with s.westerlys. What is going on wth winter for us sotherners. My kids have quite honestly forgoten what snow is ! On a lighter note neighbours shed is on its side... Totally depressed..
  2. Will all be very moderated for us in the S.E Again !! Looking very good for all those west & North.. Not a great Winter for us Southerners again.
  3. 14 days of S.Westerlys forcast now. Wind & rain to boot. Im sure the mods were forcasting heights over Scandi this time last week. What happened AGAIN !!! Very very frustrating in the Mod thread.. We go through this every year it seems. Hopes dashed .. Even the more respected people dont apear to be able to offer hope. Whinge over....
  4. Noon. Frost on cars still in shade. Puddles frozen , blue skies . Temp 1c What a shame its all over by tonite..
  5. Only 0.5c here . Not sure hy we had rain at all and why it wasnt snow right from the off Can someone shed light. Before the rain arrived i was down to minus 2c !!!
  6. Snowing in Ramsgate. Not settling We r on the coast though and to be honest im surprized its snowing at all If only it were a few degrees colder.
  7. For your neck of the woods maybe. The south east stays dry ( Wet on Sunday) if cold throughout. Sorry but this is no U.K wide Freeze.. Just a cold spell , wintry mix for some wth frosts . Lets have some perspective.. Its the cold from the east we need , but none to tap in at this stage of the Winter. More Seasonal than normal though i agree.
  8. Just had my first snow flurry of the Winter. Not bad considering its only Nov 30th. Temp is currently 0.9 c
  9. Moderate sleet /hail shower Temp 1.4c All of this morning's covering gone..
  10. Just a few CM here in Ramsgate.. snowed on & off all night but temps have just been the wrong side of freezing other wise im sure we could have woken to a lot more.. Still snowing lightly here at mo.. Any where wth Elavation near here should have done better...
  11. Agree Also moving very slowly , this could be a good thing..
  12. Pink blob exiting Belgium seems to be slightly intensifying..
  13. Just had a decent snow shower in Ramsgate, settled on cars & roofs.. Not on roads or pavements..
  14. I personally think the hills around Dover will be the sweet spot...