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  1. Well 3rd morning wth snow in bck garden all be it fairly patchy now. Total lying snow days 8. ( never more than 2-5cm at a time) Total Ice days 7 Amazingly all in March... Have a feeling if it had been January id be looking at a lot more Snow. But beggers cant be choosers.. Spring now please.
  2. Dont bank on it. Snowed fairly heavy here for half hr , temps at 0 c & still didnt settle.. During the last beast we had cold easterly for 4 days prior to snow which froze the ground solid before any precipitation. This time we had sun & 14c the day before the mini beast ( was wrking outside in a t- shirt) Was inpressed by how mch air temp dropped in 24hr period but ground temps didnt get the memo !!!
  3. Can confirm light Snow Ramsgate/Manston. Temp 0.0c
  4. I live in kent & has the grand total of 2cm during the last beast. A dusting today ( not exactly feeling spoilt...) I think a lot of you forget we had showers last time & patchy snow today so therfore we havent all had a pasting here in Kent at all.
  5. Whats this i see.. Thought winter was done !!!
  6. Wow that all melted quick. 5cm Gone... 4c..
  7. Thaw here.2.6c Misty.. Nice while it lasted Back to Work nxt week.
  8. My parting gift to this thread. Great day. 5cm on top of what i already had. Temps all week below freezing , currently -0.5c hightest its been since monday. Still wth Snizzle.. As ive already said i will remember the spell for its deep cold..(Deep snow would have topped it ) I had 4 snow events but each only delivered 2-3cm at best. ( 5days of lying snow , not seen for 5 years) Looked great each time though so not to dissapointed. Today was the icing on the cake wth the freezing rain ( not seen before) then topped up wth a 4 hour spell of snow. Will i remember this Winter in 10 years time. ?? Probally !! But at the age of 45 ive seen a fair few better...
  9. Bye bye Beast. Miss you already. See you in 20 years. It was a blast...
  10. Teprature wise this defo was a beast My top temps. My low temps Tues -0.6 -4.8 Weds -3.3 -6.5 Thurs -0.5 -5.9 Fri -2.1 -3.3 Leading up to Tues we had already had 5 consecutive nights below freezing as well. Still snowing lightly.
  11. Good to see most of this thread are getting a final hoorah. We should all be seeing 2-5cm from this front. Still snowing moderatly here & more to come looking at the radar . My little man has cold toes... Temp -2.3c Could i be on for my 4th concecutive ice day ?
  12. Heavy snow now in Ramsgate/Manston after this mornings Icestorm. Everything white & topping up my garden nicely. This will be it after today so im reasonably satisfied. Not blown away but its been a nice spell What impressed me most were the very low temps especially for this late in the winter/spring Had 4 snow events but each only giving a few c.m each time. ( still hwavy snow right now though) Compared to other places i feel we missed out a bit but there are others that did worse than me so i will be thankful. We give thanks to the Snow Gods & look forward to Winter 2018/19?
  13. So dangerous outside. Everything now covered in a 2mm layer of Ice. People falling over , cars sliding around. Wheres the Amber warning for this. Far more of a problem then any snow we have had.. Temp outside. -2.7c Looking ar the Radar i dont see any organised snow event happening. Unless anyone knows otherwise ??
  14. Now -3.6 Still freezing rain So icy. This is a new one for me and im 45..