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  1. this pic and the vid from 1987 by Southender, is why im addicted to snow, as we had a similar event here, I was 13 but had to watch from my bedroom window, all my friends play in it as I had mumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Completely agree!!!!!! I more fed up this morning now than last night. Wjhat does it take for us to get some snow!!!!!!
  3. lol no way you had yours on Tuesday!!!!!! we had next to nothing, its our turn today lol.
  4. Well I never there is very light snow falling here near Ashby de la Zouch!!!!! Right wheres the sledge!!!!!!
  5. Well nothing here overnight, but I didnt expect it so not let down. METO has me down for 3 hours of sleet from 12 LOL The main band keeps edging very slowly North West but seems to be dying out as it does, and there are showers moving South West from the North Sea, but again dying out as they do................................WTF do I live in the middle of England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. I think it’s all over for Leicestershire Andy ?
  7. I live a couple of miles from there and there’s definetley no snow whatsoever!! i am now chucking the towel in for this event! North Sea showers maybe on tomorrow!
  8. I have stood underneath a lamppost before and snowbathed. I love the silence of it ?
  9. I am the same as you Chris, although I have to say I’m not as down as I thought I would be lol, there’s people with a lot more problems than me not getting snow! Still bloody frustrating though ?
  10. Would'nt it be great if it did a total 360 degree pivot we woud all be happy then!!
  11. lol however the metoffice had me down for 5 hours of heavy snow on Tuesday and I didnt get them ?
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