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  1. Absolute rubbish again, rain rain, so much hype for the last 5 days, which I got suckered into...the GFS is rubbish at predicting snow, the models cannot forecast snow...Developing accurate snow forecasts should be the Met Offices priority. I am saying it now..l my area will be predominantly dry this week, we may have the odd shower but it will melt.... I’ve had enough now.... I give up. bye
  2. As someone said earlier, the Midlands is such a large area, a few years ago we had a split with separate West and East Midlands forum, I think that is needed again. For what it’s worth my thoughts for this weekend.....some snow Saturday night giving a covering Sunday morning, Sunday cold with odd surprise shower. Monday through to Thursday very cold with surprises galore!!
  3. where does Hinckley and Ashby sit on that map, looks to be quite close?
  4. RAIN.....temp is rising rapidly...just been outside......drip..drip..drip
  5. What we need is a classic Atlantic vs cold battle.....which if the cold wins delivers loads of snow...for a good 12 hours.. a foot of snow...and then a gradual thaw....but at least you get loads of snow
  6. Raining here now......absolute rubbish.......no hope for coming days either, it’s all too marginal...
  7. I’m on my knees willing that to me 🙂 if I don’t get something from that I’m giving up 😞
  8. Lol yes east of you....there is lots of ppn in the North Sea....I am hopeful of something...
  9. I am 4 miles west of you and nothing......enjoy while you’ve got it 🙂
  10. A question hopefully someone can answer....why is the ppn traveling from Lincoln through Nottingham loosing intensity as it heads South West, yet the ppn west of Brum is staying intact???
  11. It’s definetly loosing intensity.....it’s typical..... this morning exactly the same and this afternoon the same...they used to say it was down to the the power stations, but a lot of them round here have closed now!!!! BBC has me down for heavy snow from 5pm until midnight and Met Office have 2 hours of heavy snow from 5pm then 2 hours of light snow??? Who’s going to be right???
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