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  1. Drove from Halstead to Knockholt to Westerham Hill and now down to Sevenoaks. Altitude is key. It’s snowing heavily in Sevenoaks but not settling well yet, halfway up Polhill it turns very white and it’s icy slush in the road. Currently 0.0c at Halstead
  2. Down to 0.3c and steady snow again, this is looking more promising than last night
  3. Snowing again, as heavy as it got last night. 0.6c
  4. Snowing lightly, -0.8c and wind picking up
  5. -0.3c - much better than Tuesday night for snow
  6. 0.4c and falling quickly, almost no snow melt. could get icy later
  7. Now at 0.0c - smaller flakes but still coming down
  8. Proper fat snow 3A8077E6-0E6A-45D2-A700-3CEAC09DD726.MOV
  9. Down to 0.8c and settling snow at J4 M25
  10. Am at Dartford A2/m25 and it is sleet. Heading to Halstead and it’s 1.3c and my neighbour just told me it is snow
  11. Just drove down and up Westerham Hill. At the top, by Shampan, it was coming down heavily, and visibility in full beam headlights was low. About half way down Westerham Hill it became quite sleety, and at the bottom was mostly rain. On the way home, clear at the bottom and all white at the top. Back in Halstead it’s 0.1c, foggy and still snowing lightly. If the skies clear, then it is going to be a mess in the morning, as it is wet out there.