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  1. R.P. McMurphy

    ACTION REQUIRED - login changes

    Good stuff - I changed my password on every site I have an account with - that bug was bad !
  2. R.P. McMurphy

    Human Extinction

    No.... School Dinners //nwforum.r.worldssl.net/forum//public/style_emoticons/default/nonono.gif
  3. R.P. McMurphy

    ACTION REQUIRED - login changes

    This due to Heartbleed Paul ?
  4. R.P. McMurphy

    Human Extinction

    Lol, made me laugh. Not School Dinners, i'm serious. Grey Goo.
  5. R.P. McMurphy

    Human Extinction

    Grey Goo.
  6. R.P. McMurphy

    Whoops, no signal

    Get yourself a sat phone, you can't go wrong. Mine even picked up full signal at the Wrangel Island at the Tundra. Amazing - so if you only use your phone was ringing someone, get a Sat.
  7. Remember the date... It starts tonight !

  8. R.P. McMurphy

    Champions League / Europa League 2013/14

    So did I.... If you are on a yellow card, you don't slide in and take someones legs, stupid really. Good game, looking forward to Chelsea vs PSG tomorrow now.
  9. Nigel Farage: Britains Saviour !

    1. summer blizzard
    2. CanadianCoops


      Anagram of Nigel Farage: A grief angel

    3. lassie23


      Wait till they get a load of Nigel!

  10. Something like that lol Powers that Be... Government etc.
  11. Money is a control mechanism. TV is a control mechanism. Were all doomed I tell you, Dooooooooooooomed ! Seriously though, we are all controlled via our PTB.
  12. Wonderful. Much emotion.
  13. Then how do we de-stress from women ? Sadly, we are far from being free... We are controlled. Good point, perhaps.