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  1. Just shows what he is doing is working. And the numpty who threw it is desperate. Probably cons.
  2. Freedom of Speech in Russia... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCxf9MtTpsw
  3. The latest from me is that Russian troops on the border have moved in to a phase where they are ready to roll their wheels across the border. They have changed configuration all ready to go, with quite a lot of activityIt doesn't mean they are going in, it might be to bluff out Kiev, but it may also mean that if things get out of hand with the Right Sector et al, they may feel they have to move.
  4. Live: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/newsfront Can't help but think the Ruskies are instigating all of this & are part of that crowd, no doubt.
  5. Ukrainian soldier has been killed in a bomb blast.
  6. Not sure where they are going, but that's quite a lot of Russian Helicopters... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTTj2i2Vcy0#t=183
  7. Yep, they sure are, although I have no doubt in my mind how the elections will go.
  8. Just hearing that UA have switched on ADS (Air Defence System). Not sure if you heard but Russia has been violating UA airspace this week. The UA mil is also now on full alert, not sure what intel they have, whether it is movements or something else, or if it is just to bluff the Russians, but they have gone on to full alert. Not sure if there is anything in it yet, digging...
  9. Seen on twitter news feeds X4 of the hostages are German military. Not confirmed on ground from anyone.
  10. God MSN media are slow on this. BBC starting to pick it up now, two OSCE monitors are missing. Not good.
  11. The enemy of who mate? Just come in, Germany has lost contact with OSCE monitors... Could be something, could be nothing.
  12. Chairman of Russian Council has called on Putin NOT to go into Ukraine. And on the other side... Ukrainian Defence Minister Parubly says "We are now in a state of war"... It's also worth noting that Russia can invoke article 51 of the charter.
  13. They are all as bad as eachother. RT is run by the Government of Russia. It's pure propaganda. Same as BBC, ITV, CNN, FOX etc - They tell you what they WANT you to hear. It's funny. I got told on the ground the Helicopter got shot down. Sky news are running with the story it was a technical fault... Why the discrepanices? Propaganda.That was a live story... Even though their website says "RPG".. Hmmm Kiev is still expecting an invasion from Russia at a moments notice.
  14. http://rt.com/on-air/ Can also confirm the tweet: Is genuine. Turchynov says the Ukrainian's military anti-terrorists operations will continue despite Putin advising he will take action if they don't. Is Putin the kind of man to back down?
  15. Indeed. Found a tweet: I'm trying to confirm that, but not heard anything of the sort.
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