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  1. Very fine snow falling in Stoke Newington
  2. When is the wind due to turn SE? I want the snow first before the wind direction changes lol.
  3. Do you think it will come to North East London?
  4. Not gonna lie, I was expecting much more from this event. Only had a dusting since yesterday. I got more snow in December. I'm happy for all those that have had larger amounts of snow. Now I'm looking forward to Spring.
  5. Kawaii

    Hurricane Irma

    Marco Island PD issued this warning
  6. Kawaii

    Hurricane Irma

    Store in Miami surrounded by water. Looks awful.
  7. Kawaii

    Hurricane Irma

    I'm watching the live stream and it's not on loop. I think he's driving back to Naples or Marco Island?
  8. Kawaii

    Hurricane Irma

    Has there been any news from Cuba?