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  1. Since I last checked the met office site its upgraded us from light snow petering out to heavy snow until 11pm. I know the problems with these forecasts but you do have to wonder if we will get another dumping...
  2. Weird..after 3 inches of nice fluffy stuff tonight giving a lovely thick coating everywhere just had a two minute shower of proper big pellets which smashed their way through the snow so with the outside light on it looks like my nice snow has been machine gunned. Not experienced that before! Not complaining, all good fun.
  3. Prolonged heavy small flaked snow now, approaching a couple of inches in last hour and a bit. Lovely. Worth staying up I feel!
  4. Anybody in the triangle, Pete etc? Looking at radars...any thoughts on if the front will make it this far E as it comes down or maybe we miss out if it goes S or SSW? As you said earlier Pete, don't want to be greedy and happy to share Have a good healthy cm outside everywhere still, with a little melt on pavements. Good luck to you all ! All the best
  5. What type to you have down the road Ed? If you don't mind me asking? Just seen you already posted it and also your name is Pete.
  6. LIght/mod snow started in Ringsfield, near Beccles, Suffolk. Its settling on grass and paths etc but it is a bit polystyrene like at the mo..appears to be getting heavier.
  7. I do miss him! Every time I see this one being used.. I think of him! In a good way of course!
  8. I just saw Tomasz Schafernaker on beeb do a forecast...then right at the end as the graphics went away he said in a slightly weird and menacing slow voice and a raised eyebrow 'oh.. and make sure you tune in to the forecast tomorrow' then gave a really obvious wink! Who does he think he is Rob McElwee?! and what will be revealed tomorrow?
  9. Wow congtats (if you like?), lovely snow here settled but clearly will melt soon...danced in it as it fell like a nutter as a true coldie would do. All the best to you
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