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  1. its not sad at all! i have a webcam in the back yard that i keep staring at!
  2. and possibly a few flecks in the air here near moreton in marsh
  3. well i guess that was one way of getting a reply! a malfunction this end as i genuinely saw less than 10 members before i posted
  4. so chaps, I've been a 'lurker' since joining in november 2010, and purely by chance when the most glorious modelled charts unfolded before the memorable December 2010! and ironically i decide to post something some 8+ years later when i see I'm the only member logged in! so what's changed when there were 100s of members only the last few days when i had to scroll through post after post?! i'll tell you what's changed, just a slight trend/direction (possible anomaly, but no doubt likely attributed to the direction of the jet stream - as flagged by the MO in recent tweets) that the models have picked up on all of a sudden that deviates from the direction that we were all set on heading - i.e. sustained cold and guaranteed chances of snow - as we interpreted it. granted, very disappointing to see. so this is a NUDGE to all - lets not forget, it's only late January and all the drivers (telecommunications) have not changed - they remain the same as eloquently explained by the likes of @chionomaniac and @Catacol to name a few (and apologies for omitting others) (and a big acknowledgment to all those for their knowledgeable an positive posts) - and lets not forget that big players such as the jet stream can all of a sudden take a more favourable route that then resumes our route to cold. lets resume optimism
  5. i see the ecm 46 has shifted away from the direction as shown for the last few weeks. another disappointment
  6. ....and quite ironic when i thought i may have some input to this forum (following from 2010) and i then discover that i am the only member logged in! tomorrow is a new day - and no doubt the models will have picked up on a new trend...
  7. and i see the ecm 46 has shifted away from the direction as shown for the last few weeks. another dissapointment
  8. This is my first post on netweather and have been reading in the background for years. I have to say I'm dissapointed in the flack that Ian F has to endure on behalf of his colleagues at the bbc. I don't think improving graphics or trying to make them look prettier is the answer when the answer is that a modelled solution cannot be shown in better detail/higher confidence. One thing that I've learned in being a forum lurker is that the solution that our model forecasting provides is simply the most likely scenario but we need to accept the element of uncertainly - and that is the weather. For the record, Ian F replies to nearly every post/question directed at him (not just on this regional thread) on here (plus his commitments at the Met O) and I think some should show a little more gratitude. Ian's posts are the most informative (and frankly unbiased) that I've ever read on here and long may they continue...
  9. Hi mate. Hair is looking good boy the way! Just seen you have same birthday day as me! Chances of that! Good to see we have some interest on the horizon....

  10. its only january, isn't february statistically the coldest month?

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