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  1. Nice in the north east. Cold breeze, but nice in the sun and there has been lots of that, and lots more then next 4 days. Think the breeze is forecast to fall light too so good. Noticeable day by day the stretch in daylight hours. Still looks a probable cool down by the end of the first week of March to back below the seasonal average. Colder, but not that cold. Still some -10 breaches in the ensembles in outer reaches, in fact a couple as soon as a week's time. Not much support - yet!
  2. Morning all. Another bright enough day today. Looks a bit blowy and dreich tomorrow for most, then long rangers paint a fairly dry picture well in to next week with temperatures well above the seasonal average (to my eye anyway). Very usable weather! Thereafter, still signs of a cool down to average or below average further in to March. Who knows, but a few ensembles still breach -10C and a fairly consistent cluster now that are well below -5C so will feel very chilly again and a shock the nature after this next 7-10 days. We'll see.
  3. Braw day. Beach walk and garden tidy. Happy days 😁😊
  4. It was just a Thrush after all! 🤣 Anyway, been a few nice days, a few damp days here. Nice just now, damp later, so getting out with the dugs now. Outlook looks like pressure rising and very little rain in the ensembles. Will take that - get out in the garden. a few more members dipping below -10 in the outer reaches. Still hopeful of some further wintry excitement in to March.
  5. Was up for a peddle with the kids at the park yesterday afternoon and noted that while still plenty of drift and patches (and ice on paths - not fun!), the burns were really full and water now runnign off everywhere. Streams where there are not normally streams, etc. Looking at the snow gate cameras (love that site!) they all look damp but still holdign lots of snow - hopefully the the slower slaw continues, rather than the faster kind here. Found a dead bird under the last pile of snow in the back garden, which has now melted (snow, not the bird, though it is decaying - yuch!). I must
  6. Happy five-o! I was going to say good stacking skills, then I went "oh". Not many piles left here, at least not of the snow variety! 🙈 Long ranges look a mess, I have trouble speculating at the best if times. Looks more of the same for a while to me. Chat of "flipping". 🤷‍♂️
  7. I wonder if the wind is a factor in that it scours and deposits in to deeper patches. On walk today the weight of snow is considerable to a few days ago for these deeper areas. Presumably they are retaining much of the rain that's fallen still 🤔 and as per drm says give it a few days, though working week nights are not too mild this week inland and not too wet either so slow slow?
  8. Hi all. Well, most snow now gone on the city, except for the piles here and there. Up in the park a different story, and from the photos in this thread from the "outback" it's still a snowy scene, all be it a bit mushy I guess. Hopefully roads can be dug out and the thaw there remains slow and does not cause any issues. A quite remarkable arctic plunge taking place across the pond. Sub zero (Celsius) right down to the gulf of Mexico in areas (Texas e.g.). Brrrr. For us, the outlook still hold some potential for interest as far as my uneducated eye can see if it is cold you are
  9. I've got my eyes on the potential warmth next week, in the uppers at least. Then yes, looks to me like many of the favourable factors for cold in place. We'll see!
  10. Mmm, turn of month chase perhaps! Easterly or maybe the elusive Northerly. Off for final damp sledge today.
  11. A [email protected] slow mo - apologies, just worked out how to get videos uploaded and everyone is probably bored of snow photos/videos now!! 20210213_130620.mp4
  12. Drifting even in city - this is a bit higher up at Hazlehead park/golf course. Great fun! A nice final fling to this spell for here. 20210213_120406.mp4
  13. Morning! Still some very light snow showers blowing about in quite severe gusty winds. Temperature just above freezing, but not by much. Quite notable conditions. The severe gusts seem to be limited to the coast, but still must be some crazy drifting inland. Even here up the road with small bit elevation snow is still just dry enough to blow about. I'll face the wrath, but not nice. Roll on a milder spell, then a early March northerly please!
  14. Heavy blowing snow. Awesome, just back from probably last snow falling walk in a while, and the Mrs advised we timed it bad as it got heavy. Erm, Yeah, I said....
  15. Looking at the snow radar, forc Aberdeen it's the parting of the red sea!! No major thaw here. Crunchy and compacted after last night sleet and snow. Nice change to squeaky snow. interesting comments on longer range!👍
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