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  1. I am throwing in the towel now. It's just not going to happen this winter. Let's hope our fortunes are better next winter.
  2. I think the yanks have crashed the GFS - salivating over those brutal cold uppers whilst we sweat it out over a possible wet snow puddle
  3. Good continuity from the GFS. It can be like a dog with a bone though.
  4. That PV over Canada is like a fridge freezer that is impossible to defrost.
  5. Incredible frigid cold seeping down into the US. This extreme is happening every winter now, no matter what the enso state is - it's ridiculous. Terrible for us as it always heads into the north Atlantic creating rapid cyclogenesis.
  6. Model watching is akin to pulling teeth this winter. Ecm only seems to be wrong when forecasting winter nirvana.
  7. There have been downgrades in the very short term. These seem to have gone under the radar on here. One of the best examples is the updated 72hr fax chart for Saturday. Compare it the 96hr for the same day from yesterday. The new update is much flatter and much less inspiring for cold further down the line.
  8. Another c**p ecm op that ends with the promise of a relatively mild easterly
  9. Remember the stonking jma runs a week or so ago? I'll say no more
  10. From past experience, the gfs 12z is more reliable than it's 06z sister. I will reserve judgement though until tonight's ecm.
  11. That may be true but the difference on the ground for the UK is immense. Let's be honest - that's all that really counts.
  12. We've got no chance from here. That low to the west of Ireland is a true limpet. Seen it so many times before. I wasn't expecting this to be honest. How cruel this game can be.
  13. We should never trust the gfs 06 op and suite when it goes ultra amplified. It never verifies.
  14. Yep. The ecm is certainly more king when it comes to spotting less cold solutions unfortunately. The writing is on the wall for this winter.
  15. 12z trends looking ominous. The gfs 12z op is looking very ecm op esq to say the least and I don't like the ukmo 144 chart. My optimism is waning again. Is it just going to be one of those winters I wonder? Had many of those in my life time.
  16. I think most on here are waiting for that grand set of 12z runs that always seem to cement a potent cold spell. Will it be today?
  17. Hard to disagree with anything you said there to be honest. We have been burnt so many times this season and for that matter many previous winters too. I still think we will be rewarded very soon though.
  18. Ahem! Let's keep the faith for just a little longer Stamina required!
  19. I know what you are saying but that low is a potential snow machine if it dives down towards the UK. I do feel that winter proper is about to start very soon.
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