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  1. It really is isn't it? This year feels so different. Love your posts Mike. Keep them coming
  2. I have come out of my winter hibernation for once due to the exceptional weather we are experiencing. I love extremes and it's about time the UK had something memorable with regards to the weather. This year is very exciting in that regards. I will only take notice of the gem if the ecm veers anywhere near it on it's next run.
  3. It certainly gets better
  4. Seems to get better
  5. Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire
  6. We are next in line according to the radar I'm looking at
  7. Should be some for most very soon!
  8. Told you so Enjoy
  9. Don't worry. It's coming!
  10. Old skool winter returns with a vengeance!
  11. Has the amber warning been updated?
  12. Looks like it to me This really is amazing for the time of year. I actually think this is a little taster before the main event of next winter. This will go down as one of the most potent late March easterlies in UK history if the radar is correct.
  13. Plenty of time for warmth in April and especially May. We might feel it more then than March.