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  1. A lesson I have learnt over the years is that if the ecm op is the only model showing a high degree of amplification to our north west, only trust this if it ticks down to the 4 day mark.
  2. Reminds me of a couple of years ago, maybe 3 when the ec46 relentlessly promised winter wonderland that never materialised. This could be ecm's worst hour.
  3. Cracking! We must also remember that this is from this morning's run which was slightly less favourable for cold in the extended.
  4. We really need a similarly wintry ecm 00z suite in the morning to settle nerves.
  5. The difference is those charts are for this coming Sunday. I don't think many of the ensembles are showing those sort of charts for Sunday now.
  6. I can see what you mean but the problem we have is the models are downgrading at an earlier timeframe.
  7. I love snow more than anyone but I am also a realist who says it as it is. All I am seeing is delay after delay. Most of the proper cold spells are actually brought forward in time, not put back.
  8. I would suggest that you ask yourselves just one question today. How confident do you feel today about a significant cold spell starting in about 10 days time compared to how confident you felt 24 to 48 hours ago? Be honest.
  9. I will be more concerned if that trend continues on the 12z run. Never rated the 06z or it's ensembles. I personally think it should be scrapped altogether along with the 18z and we just have the 00z and 12z. This would help alleviate so much stress.