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  1. I know no one wants to mention it but the ecm control run for debilt is an absolute stinker tonight. Don't want to see that repeated in the morning.
  2. In typical gfs pub run style, the 18z is going for the never ending easterly. This run probably as unlikely as the ecm op earlier on.
  3. Time to put that ecm op into some context. First image is yesterday's 12z ecm mean at day 10 for the 23rd November. The second is tonight's 12z ecm mean at day 9 for the same date - enjoy!
  4. Mmmm. Well that ecm run really does put the cat amongst the pigeons. Let's see where the eps take us when they update later. We shouldn't take day 9 and 10 charts at face value of course but we don't really hesitate when they show winter nirvana do we? Well, the ecm day 9 and 10 charts are, shall we say, not so easy on the eye!
  5. Not concerned about that as it is all about the building blocks at the moment. End of the month into early December for the more interesting wintry potential.
  6. Great runs tonight for future cold potential. We really need to see the high pressure anomoly to our north west get stronger and stronger with every subsequent ensemble suite. This is what happened in the winters of 2009/2010.
  7. Thanks Feb. I know I shouldn't go too far out but I really do like the look of heights rebuilding to our north east again by week 6 - scandi high incoming. I say this because I have noticed since a very young age how weather patterns can often repeat themselves exactly a month later - certainly in winter. What a run up to Christmas that would be
  8. Thanks to all for the Ec46 updates. This obviously ties in with the meto extended forecast of today. Let's hope we see more of a trend to retrogress that scandi high up towards our north west as opposed to central Atlantic.
  9. The trends today suggest a robust scandi block. However, there seems to be little appetite for this block to retrogress in the extended. If this trend remains then the only way forward is for the high to eventually sink. I think this is where today's met office extended forecast is coming from.