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  1. I agree. I am feeling more optimistic about the end of Jan/early Feb. Our most classic cold spells have almost always been preceded by an anticyclonic spell over or close to the UK. Time to keep the faith.
  2. Give me snow every day of the winter. Black ice? No, never thanks 😊 Good luck tomorrow
  3. Lol, you don't want to be walking in it. I have to walk a mile to the bus stop - all the while thinking which bone am I going to break first ha ha 😂
  4. I know they are effectively a day out of date now but looking at the 96hr fax chart and then the 120hr fax, doesn't that show the front hitting a brick wall and sinking south?
  5. I thought these short range models had the highest resolution at 2 to 3 days out?
  6. I think it's the best we can hope for right now.
  7. Maybe a sign that something is afoot. Maybe the front stalls on Sunday which may then render all subsequent days null and void. Trying to put my optimistic head on for once. Although I think it is borderline denial lol
  8. It's snow but incredibly wet type. Got to be good that we are not warming up
  9. Think this is the wettest snow I have ever seen lol
  10. God bless the 18z gfs. It throws up the longest fetch easterly for about 60 years lol.
  11. Not new to NWP and not very young either so you may need to find another reason for our differing opinions
  12. Well, who knows. I could be the grim reaper who fell into a barrel of t*ts and came up sucking his thumb but I cannot recall a cold ecm control run ever verifying
  13. Wouldn't be the first time lol