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  1. I much prefer todays majority cluster compared to yesterday's.
  2. I remember reading years ago, probably on TWO, that there was a link between cool, wet Novembers in the UK and the following winter being cold. This was especially true with the jet tracking south in November.
  3. I keep wondering why the high pressure cell to the east of Iceland that consecutive gfs and ecm ops were very keen on has suddenly evaporated?
  4. Those dreaded heights building over Iberia. Looks like glossea seasonal!
  5. To be honest, I've seen much worse charts for the end of November. However, I know what you mean. We should be used to that by now though.
  6. This is going to be more of a struggle than I originally thought - if the ecm op is anywhere near the mark.
  7. That's the crucial area. The trend through the day has been a rise in pressure in this vicinity.
  8. As others have just pointed out. This chart is jam packed full of potential. The high to the north east is in perfect position. The lows close to the UK don't phase, pressure is rising in all the right places. Great upgrades today.
  9. Only one run of course but a great CFS December pressure anomaly for cold lovers. Massive positive (off the scale) pressure anomaly over northern Scandinavia. Scandi high for December anybody?
  10. Let's hope the models are onto a new trend. Nice looking charts for the end of November.
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