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  1. Some interesting synoptics are emerging in the run up to December which after a mild November could offer potentially wintry conditions not seen in the past 7 winters. Options showing up include Easterlies and Northerlies but time will tell which one will emerge.
  2. Might need to book a trip to Canada or Scandinavia or the Alps this winter as I've got low hopes of getting any snow down here thanks to the global warming damage.
  3. If there be ice in November that will bear a duck, there will be nothing thereafter but sleet and muck
  4. I’m encouraged to see some colder synoptics thrown into the outputs now. Could this be the 1st year since we’ve seen something substantial in the low Home Counties ? Since I worked at CGI in Jan 2014 it hasn’t snowed much here and now that I am not anymore at CGI could this be a positive winter ?
  5. Can’t see November finishing below average now with the mild south to southwesterlies being shown in the recent models.
  6. Looking more interesting this November so I'll go with colder than average 6.8c and 94mm.
  7. Nice to see Canada cooling down and seeing their first snowfalls of the winter. Me jealous ?
  8. I don’t think the Met Office had September or October as finishing in below average temperatures as their ‘climatology’ charts always favour above average temperatures. Great to see a break from the consensus for a change!
  9. I’ll go with a milder than average 11.5c with 91mm rainfall. After a cool’ish wet start getting some mild drier weather.
  10. I’ll go with a cool and unsettled September at 13.2c and 95mm.
  11. I think I’ll go with 16.3c and 97mm in a mixed month with no spell dominating for long.
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