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  1. We need to see blocking towards Iceland and Greenland in October as early signs of a cold winter as in 2009 during the time the Icelandic volcano ashes caused flights to be cancelled. Current signs of blocking look favourable so far.
  2. Looks like finishing close to 14c with a cool end to the month looking increasingly likely to offset the next few warm days.
  3. Doesn’t take much to get above normal temperatures these days unfortunately! Hope this global warming theory gets put to the test and Mother Nature replies back sometime!
  4. It can’t be that hard to be the coldest winter since 2012-13 given how rubbish the past 6 have been barring the beast from the east episode!
  5. The lakes have got cooler since the last swim back in August, down to 16c this morning at Bray. Looks like staying around the same sort of temperatures with the warmer days coming up.
  6. Not a bad start to autumn for some if this chart proves to verify! Like proper autumn should be.
  7. Looks like the GFS has jumped on the EC 0z signal with a potent Nottherly! When’s the last time there was significant snow in the UK in September ?
  8. There’s bound to be a string of colder winters with the solar minimum
  9. There could be some decent daytime sunshine with low minima if the high sets up in favourable locations..
  10. A good start to September with a real chance of recording a proper below average month if the jet stays more negatively tilted
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