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  1. I think there will be more twists and turns before we even get to Thursday/Friday. This sort of setup will throw the models in disarray.
  2. Just a cold snap according to the BBC 😳 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43167583
  3. As long as the low disrupts and stays elongated the warmer uppers shouldn’t bother us. Edit. MKN beat me to it.
  4. Perfect alignment for Thames streamer along the M4 corridor 😊
  5. I remember back in 91 we had a few kinks in the isobars then. Looking at the latest charts something similar is looking likely this time round so looking very positive!
  6. A bit late now in the winter to even compare with 1947 ?
  7. Never seen at least 5 consecutive days with high snow row values for London!
  8. Have they actually moved to Meteo Group as their website still shows warnings copied from the Met Office ?
  9. They’ll still be waiting on Sunday by the sound of it!! 😳 Wake Up BBC look at the charts!
  10. Mine doesn’t like the cold weather! ☹️
  11. It is pretty disgusting that the BBC haven’t bothered to have a news article about one of the most severe wintry weather in years! 😡
  12. Never mind BBC weather, the BBC news is so shocking and disgusting keeping such important information from the public who may be making plans for next week unaware of the conditions about to arrive 😡
  13. When will the BBC put a news article on the incoming severe cold spell based on further stonking model output so far ? Sky and ITN have long since smelt the coffee. 😳😳
  14. -0.0c and 61mm please.
  15. Wonder how soon Exeter will put on warnings for snow showers for Monday which is already in range.