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  1. A colder and drier than normal November with 4.0c with 56mm for me please
  2. The snow wasn’t that heavy in the Home Counties around West London and we could do and deserve proper deep snow for a change
  3. The GFS 12z run looks like a bore fest although with some potentially nice crispy frosty mornings
  4. Hoping the latest ECM run is a mild outlier!
  5. Quite like the GFS 12z run with some crisp mornings coming up in between weather systems
  6. Seems a bit of conflicting forecast for the rain on Sunday between the MetO and (BBC and GFS). MetO show the rain clearing the west Home Counties by midday whereas the BBC and GFS show the rain lingering all day! Hope the MetO have a better handle on this!
  7. It looks like being an above average month now with only brief colder intervals.
  8. Great 6z run! Also backed up somewhat by the MetO
  9. A below average 2nd half of October should pull the average down to just below average by the end.
  10. prolongedSnowLover

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Liking the last line - below average temperatures
  11. prolongedSnowLover

    Have you turned your heating on yet ?

    Heating has been on and off already. Hopefully a sign of something a lot colder this winter for a change!
  12. Got our 1st Gefs member showing snow on today’s Gefs 6z run
  13. The 0z looks a bit warmer. Does anyone have the ensembles for that ? Suspect it would be on the warm side.