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  1. Looks like Ecm not going anywhere like the gfs 18/00 runs judging from lack of comments
  2. Knowing our luck this winter it will probably create Mr Bartlett with an early spring!
  3. Not sure if 1997/98 was worse. See if there is any improvement in February!
  4. Looks like a lil cold snap next week with the snow row going up to 11 for London on the latest GEFS!
  5. It was lovely to have a proper wintry day with temperatures down to -3c and only 4.5c during lunchtime
  6. It’s gone so kaput after all the promise of solar minimum eQBO MJO blah blah blah 10/10 on the Kaputify scale
  7. It’s all gone kaput again judging from the lack of comments
  8. Lovely Sunday winter’s morning with frosty and icy in places. Nice running weather although couldn’t feel the hands afterwards with the wrong gloves
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