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  1. Belting it down here looks good for later
  2. North west regional discussion

    You have to be a troll or the most unlucky guy on the planet haha
  3. North west regional discussion

    I live by the airport it’s just fine snow
  4. North west regional discussion

    Whiteout in 5 minutes! Everything covered
  5. North west regional discussion

    Blob slowly heading my way (wythenshawe) !
  6. North west regional discussion

    Snowing! Left a covering too wahoo lol
  7. North west regional discussion

    Still nothing at Manchester Airport. Story of the winter haha
  8. North west regional discussion

    Blazing sunshine - Manchester Airport. Had nothing all day!
  9. Still absolutely nothing here in South Manchester!
  10. It’s actually that clear I might take the dog out for a walk and hope that starts something as it always starts raining when I take her out lol
  11. Had nothing at Manchester Airport yet
  12. Got to be a good 3cm already on cars belting stuff especially after being resigned to nothing
  13. Heavier and heavier here nearly a covering game on!!
  14. Still snowing lightly here. A tiny patchy covering but beats nothinh
  15. It’s so close I could probably reach out of my window and grab it. Argh lol guessing it’s not going to get any further north?
  16. Plenty of snow down the firbank though as usual 😂
  17. Hope you guys win always had a soft spot for Everton seeing as we were very similiar clubs up to a few years back. Up the blues
  18. Dr Pepper and sweets will do as the Manchester Derby will go ahead now 😂 come on city!!
  19. Think it’s time to jack weather watching in. Have to tell the kids that yet again the forecasts got it wrong and spend a fortune making it up to them lol😂
  20. Plenty of snow in the usual places though even in summer 😂😂
  21. Really? I’m in Benchill and it’s dry as a bone here