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  1. Weird that its not heavy here and I'm only a junction up from the airport Looking good for tonight though
  2. Car had its MOT yesterday but was advised to take it on a good motorway blast today to recharge the battery so decided to go down the M6 snow hunting! Nothing snow wise of note til about Stoke but it was blizzard whiteout conditions from there to Stafford when I turned back at around 2pm was a good 8cm around them parts at that time If only that front had been able to push up north by 100 miles or so! Enjoyable drive out that was
  3. Still belting it down here must be getting on for 5cm now on cars and grass!
  4. Absolutely bucketing it down this road was soaking wet 30 minutes ago. Heavy snow it won't let off lovely to see
  5. Out with the dog. We had a snow shower an hour ago which is still on the floor so the blob looks good
  6. You have to be a troll or the most unlucky guy on the planet haha
  7. Still nothing at Manchester Airport. Story of the winter haha
  8. Blazing sunshine - Manchester Airport. Had nothing all day!
  9. It’s actually that clear I might take the dog out for a walk and hope that starts something as it always starts raining when I take her out lol
  10. Got to be a good 3cm already on cars belting stuff especially after being resigned to nothing
  11. It’s so close I could probably reach out of my window and grab it. Argh lol guessing it’s not going to get any further north?
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