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  1. In the wilds of Basingstoke today, was chilly, still drifts of snow lying in fields and mist rising off it, back garden still covered in snow, cars still abandoned, a mild winter but a memorable weekend of snow
  2. Just started snowing lightly in Basingstoke, reckon this is gonna be cracking
  3. 720 feet high on the highest part of the plateau, had drifts for weeks up there last year, its like the Alps. Still minus 3. This is going to be a good un, unlike saints performance last night
  4. Its so muddled, if its your one job to do these outlooks at least have continuity between the 2 forecasts
  5. Such a cliche, Northeners tough softeners soft, I find it so dull. Will be out working in it all week, gonna be a long week.
  6. Everyday someone says this and everyday the outlook stays cold
  7. Remember it well, palm trees buried in snow and nothing here
  8. Nah the love song with Jason, its getting cool now, Nina Cherry. Another bottle just popped, reckon she’s gonna struggle taking our daughter to gymnastic tomorrow, onto house classics now, the partys getting started
  9. I will jinx the Edinbrough snow, having a weekend up there 15th feb. That garauntees no snow, I go away this weekend every year and evey year I miss the snow, montreal, oslo, prague, berlin, scottish highlands, new york, tallin, everyone snowless. They are playing kylie Minogue in the kitchen
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