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  1. Just once I’d like to experience something like that, beautiful
  2. Read the Scotland regional, they haven’t had snow like it for years, it’s exceptional even for them.
  3. Wintry flurries ? Can the BBC not mention the word snow? In Scotland some towns have had 2 feet of snow and not one report. I’ve just seen the forecaster mention more wintry flurries in Scotland, yeah that’s what’s given 2 foot of snow . If it’s a flurry it’s snow, sleet or cold rain doesn’t flurry. Cockles.
  4. That would just about sum this cold spell up, I’ve been too far west, too far south and now too far east. Splendid
  5. Very true but normally I’m slap bang in the middle of streamers, think it’s just not heavy enough.
  6. Forget the M4 it’s the M3 the snow has stayed on the same track for 2 days never dropping south of Basingstoke, every time it looks like a proper lump will hit it dies out but north it stays stronger, must be the huge mountains around here
  7. The showers in Scotland are stunning, Dundee getting battered. I’d love to be up there right now. Yep
  8. And the good old BBC have me down for 2 hours of heavy snow from 3-5pm 😆 not happening
  9. It’s just weird how it’s stayed there for 2 days, a complete dry spot south of Basingstoke but the showers get further west a bit further north
  10. Whilst here in north east Hampshire for the 2nd day in a row the light stuff has stayed just to the north of Basingstoke, proper shield going on
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