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  1. Fascinating mismatch of sun and snow you don't often see. Not the usual sodden slushy mess of midwinter.
  2. 12 or 13cm of lying snow obliterates my previous record of 2cm for this past winter. In fact the most snow since 2018. Beautiful against the clear blue sky but the strong April sun is already getting to work on it.
  3. Yeah it's the 10th April and the best snow of this winter season. Bonkers. 20210410_234237.mp4
  4. Cracking April day. Bone dry here so far when all around are reporting everything but the kitchen sink. Been sat outside in some decent sunshine. All change now. Down comes the snow. Temp dropped from 3c at 8pm to 0.5c.
  5. With what looks like a damp squib ending to what could possibly be the last cold act of the season I'd have to say its been a disappointing winter. Disappointing in that the potential, here at least, hasn't been realised. OK it's been cold and we've had possibly 25 days when snow has fallen (not been counting) but it could have been so much better with a bit more luck. The 2 wet inches on the back of that storm was the most we managed in one go. The other 24 falls of snow added together wouldn't even amount to 2 inches. Perhaps expectations here are too high these days. Its great to see others
  6. As a season ticket holder I'm sat here watching the Rochdale v MK Don's match online. Snow coming down for nearly 30 mins of the 1st half has nearly wiped out the white lines. Shower coming out of Bradford might scupper the whole match ❄❄⚽️
  7. On our 4th of 5th shower of the day but the problem remains the intensity. At no point does the light ever darken. In fact it's snowing moderately at the moment with the sun bright in the sky. It's never going to be particularly heavy in that case.
  8. Got lucky this morning with the showers. Now the wind has dropped the snowflakes are much bigger than yesterday's bits of fluff.
  9. Agreed 👍. Maybe one an hour into Rochdale/Oldham or so if they continue to follow this route.
  10. Unfortunately that Rochdale shower seemed to implode above us. Nice bit of snow still.
  11. Beautiful start to the day. Little bit of fresh cover this morning. Bitterly cold.
  12. Eh, who'd of thought it. A bit of decent intensity to a shower and everything is white.
  13. Maybe something of interest heading out of S Norway in the North sea. Looks to be heading towards the east coast. Could pop up on radar later.
  14. Odd. Moderate sometimes heavy snow for the last 20 mins and air temp at -0.9c. Really struggling though to settle on any surfaces other than grass and the snow magnets that are the wheelie bin lids. Even the cars don't want to know. Going take something heavy to get anything substantial on the ground.
  15. Interesting how that shower over Leeds has blown up in intensity. Gives hope for this afternoon.
  16. Things can change but since the early hours showers hitting here have followed the A64 south of York to Leeds then almost the exact path of the M62. Showers here hit land around Filey. South Manchester showers probably south of Bridlington around Hornsea. Interesting to see what's brewing over that way currently and will they make it here with any intensity. VideoEditor_20210208_094203.mp4
  17. Grim out there. Heavy snow now and temp down to 0.8c.
  18. Quite surprised to see so much of this rain is still frozen in one way or another. Is the cold coming in earlier or is it just heavier bursts.
  19. This upcoming spell sometimes makes me wish for simpler times when this sort of ceefax forecast was the only updated information you could get in addition to to the TV forecasts. No apps, no radar, no forums. I was never disappointed as the forecast was never meant to be 100% accurate. Looking at the sky and staring at that lamppost was all we could do. Technology has changed our perceptions and expectations massively. The past 12 months has taught us life, in all its forms, is more precious than ever so let's all try and enjoy this coming week without fretting too much about all the informati
  20. Exactly. We can spot the app issues as we are all enthusiasts. The problem lies with the tens of thousands who are not and who glance at an app like this and assume it'll be cold and dry. I know folk locally who were stuck at home for 4 days in Feb/March 2018 because of snow. I'm not saying it'll be the same this time, it could be better or worse, but a heads up from the 'trusted' Met app to get a few supplies in, especially in these covid restricted times is important. If its wrong about a day when 20c and not a cloud in the sky that's one thing. Wrong about an upcoming ice day with potential
  21. Something tells me this latest forecast update on the Met app isn't quite right 🤦.
  22. Absolutely. You can stare at charts all you want, but 40yrs plus experience of having these setups locally tells me to expect the potential for snow to be great. Heavy snow will make it this far west plus a bit further. The issue could be that if showers form lines instead of bands it could be very frustrating seeing snow continuously pass 5 or 10 miles north or south. We'll find out soon enough.
  23. This is a photo of one of the lanes less than a mile away from here from back in the 2018 beast. The setup for next week as it stands is similar if not better than than 2018. The drifting back then in those prone areas on the western edges of large fields etc was incredible. Fingers crossed 🤞.
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