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  1. Sorry if this has been mentioned today but i found it really odd this morning. Got in from ice hockey last night and it was snowing so was kind of expecting a bit of a covering when i got up for work at 3.30. Went out to my van and to my surprise the roads we all bone dry and clear. As they were in Worthing today where my weekly delivery round is , although there were a few flurries down there during the morning.
  2. Anyone want to start a sweepstake as to when Frosty will start to post warm weather charts in the MOD thread? Normally when the balance tips when coldies drift away for the summer so he has to swap to whatever posts will recieve the most ' Likes ' to keep them ticking over until the cold charts appear in FI towards the end of October
  3. Best post I have ever read on these forums. Hats off to you. Tonights ECM I pray is wrong. Fed up with this awful weather now. Sooner it's gone the better.
  4. Stay safe mate. Don't think tomorrow will be too bad. Dreading Tuesday. I'm all around the highest parts of Kent. Bluebell Hill, Wrotham, Meopham, New Ash Green. Great fun ?
  5. Spending a nice day at home with the family today. Being a delivery driver I'm not sure how many days I will actually get home to them this week. ? But you all enjoy your sledging though ?
  6. Spare a thought for those like myself who drive for a living. It's not just getting to work , it's then having to go back out in a rear wheel drive van. Also i got accepted in the ballot for Ride London 100 for this year so i was hoping to start my training in earnest at the beginning of March. Might have to be the indoor trainer for a few more weeks. lol
  7. My friend is a gritter driver in Medway so I asked him how much snow they are expecting. His reply was that he was just about to go out to kill the two flakes that they are expecting. Wait and see I suppose.
  8. Oh yeah i didn't notice the top part of the quote. My bad
  9. Reed Timmer is referring to NEW ENGLAND in the U.S not England UK
  10. As much as i love storms i could do without one tonight. Need some sleep !
  11. Very warm or hot, and sunny on Friday, and feeling very humid. Heavy thunderstorms or spells of thundery rain forming during evening and overnight, and again on Saturday and Sunday. Is this not the best Met Office forecast this year so far?? Surely it can't go wrong this time can it??
  12. Had the most thunder & lightening here that we have had for a few years. Sadly not directly overhead though and had no rain at all. About 2 or 3 miles N/NE it seemed to track. Eased off now. Hoping more to come and we get a direct hit.
  13. I can't quite work out which way it's tracking. Thought it was going ENE also but it just seems to have gotten stuck now it's expanding more than moving. Still not raining here. I'm on the Western side of Strood
  14. I'm in Strood also. Lots of Thunder in the past half hour. Seen quite a few bits and pieces of lightening too. Shame it's not dark yet. Agree that places further out towards the estuary will be getting the rain. Bone dry here still although dark clouds building all the time.
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