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  1. If Monday nights storm was under a yellow warning I dread to think what could happen under an Amber!
  2. What a crazy night. One of the longest lasting ,active storms I have ever seen.Started here about 8.30pm then it was just constant strobe lightning and deep thunder for hours on end. It was still flickering away at 4.00am this morning,extraordinary!
  3. Best storm in ages, constant strobe lightning and booming thunder.
  4. Rumbles now being heard from the cell moving up the Cumbrian coast.
  5. Def snow but very slushy, just made a slushball off the wheelie bin lid!!
  6. Memories of 5/6th Feb 1996. If only we could see something like this again!!
  7. Different waterspouts/ funnels West Cumbria, taken from public FB posts. The one in the field is about 300 yards from my house and I had no idea!
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