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  1. Getting ready for a very blocky Xmas period one hopes
  2. MO have called this to be fair. Short lived scandi high then milder. Let's just hope they're right about it turning colder again towards mid december!
  3. Keep the faith man, something is afoot this year
  4. Personally I think these are the building blocks slowly coming into place, for the ultimate UK freeze we want the 'perfect synoptics late dec/jan ideally. The fact that they're showing now can only be encouraging
  5. Ah, I feel bad now! I kinda assumed you were trolling so I apologise if i seemed harsh - I was you a year ago and i still am but I've done a lot of research since and i am a weather geek haha. This is such a lovely forum and i wish you well on here
  6. Can i just remind you all just over a week ago we were staring down the barrel of wind and rain and indeed flooding, complete zonal trash, so even if the ecm is right, I for one will be greatful for the seasonal feel!
  7. Most of the heaviest rain is where the warning isn't?????
  8. So will there be an amber warning for newcastle?
  9. Nick123

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    Yes i think so too. Either that or the warning will disappear by lunch time.
  10. The wind seems to be getting up now! Or is this Helene?
  11. Cant see much happening for the north east away from the immediate coast line.. yet only last night storms were forecast over the pennies exclusively. Just goes to show with these storms its radar watching all the way