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  1. same here! do you think the system is further north?
  2. does anyone know if the system is sticking to the predicted course?
  3. winds are really strong here now. must be the direction theyre coming from as making some weird noises and seems to be causing some damage already!
  4. Bbc weather said amber likely to be moved further north?
  5. I read somewhere that a sting jet was possible as the storm exits east?!
  6. Haha. Oh yes because the boarders only have a few sheep and maybe 5 trees and the odd farmer too. Population estimated 30 maybe 40 people
  7. Umm i think 85mph is dangerous whether its a built up area or not. Still could cause branches falling or even trees which could danger life. Yes i agree its more unusual for london - but i still think it merits an amber in the boarders and maybe the NE.
  8. Thank you. Just seen the latest bbc forecast and it put particular emphasis on the boarders of scotland getting 85 mph winds. They arent even amber. Its baffling
  9. Do you think newcastle upon tyne and surrounding areas will miss the worst of this storm?
  10. Looking at that clump of storms im not sure if id be overly excited tonight. Unless they gain intensity over the channel, doesnt look anything out of the ordinary
  11. Feels positively cold here in ne england, yet were supposed to get storms! Brr.
  12. Umm the precip is going into france? And there is no pivot? This could be a massive bust for the people in the amber zone? Meanwhile in the NE we have our first few flakes!
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