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  1. Most of the heaviest rain is where the warning isn't?????
  2. So will there be an amber warning for newcastle?
  3. Yes i think so too. Either that or the warning will disappear by lunch time.
  4. The wind seems to be getting up now! Or is this Helene?
  5. Cant see much happening for the north east away from the immediate coast line.. yet only last night storms were forecast over the pennies exclusively. Just goes to show with these storms its radar watching all the way
  6. This is worse than the last beast
  7. Whiteout here for about 20 mins must have put down an inch
  8. The showers are supposed to be at their heaviest in the early hours if i have understood correctly. Looks like a streamer setting up over newcastle area?
  9. Just as i say this were having the most prolonged shower so far...
  10. The meto called this right in my opinion. Yes we are getting heavy showers but nothing prolonged enough to cause significant disruption.
  11. Just when I was planning for an early night lok
  12. Yes the met has just given me 4 hours of heavy snow starting at 12 (prudhoe)