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  1. My weather station has recorded 30.2mm of rain since half 6 and the front garden is totally flooded. Probably some of the heaviest rain I can ever remember.
  2. I’m sitting here a bit bewildered reading all the high temps as I consider whether I should put the heating on or not!
  3. Just sitting in my garden hearing the distant rumbles! Hopefully keeps heading this way.
  4. Wind seems too strong for these small showers. They seem to get blown through before they can have any impact. Not much change overnight but hope we will see more today.
  5. Took a trip up near Lochnagar yesterday, hopefully we all have drifts like this in our back garden next week!
  6. I’ll have to go find my bin again so it can look like my profile picture again next week! Charts are looking brilliant at the moment so fingers crossed.
  7. It almost always seems to be marginal affairs in recent times but I'm encouraged by the Met office warning update: "A further 2-5 cm of snow is likely away from immediate exposed coasts"
  8. Its just started snowing moderately here in Dyce after starting out as rain. Its not lying at all but its awesome to see some of the white stuff! It has been too long.
  9. Thicker cover than I expected this morning, around an inch. Crisp with beautiful clear skies now. Strangely none of the hills and mountains inland from here that I can see have any snow on them so it looks like us in and around Aberdeen got very lucky this morning.
  10. Thought I would upload a quick pic of the crazy sky we had up here last night as I got home from work. Don't see that often!
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