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  1. Great view of the London cell evolving from here in Bexley (SE London). Sadly destined for someone else ...again!
  2. Let’s hope so. I land at Southend Airport just before then🙏
  3. Flying back to the UK from Portugal late Thursday evening. Hoping for a decent light show out in the Bay of Biscay and over southern UK 🙏
  4. Ironic that I’m finally in the higher risk zone today when this is easily the least ‘stormy’ it has felt this morning all week ?
  5. From clear blue skies to leaden grey and oppressive humidity in an hour. I think we will brewing them for the rest of the country today tho
  6. I was walking from Bexley station... definitely Thunder & Lightning ... I’m a drowned rat ?
  7. Central London currently being obliterated for the last 20mins or so. Sure to be some local flooding issues in parts of town
  8. Ha ... see that tiny corner of inactivity in the SE ? Slept like a baby ...
  9. Haha... Mexico. Lots of energy in that water keeps rolling in
  10. Appreciate the replies. Never felt anything like it. Took cover further into the bar area and the next strike hit the lightning conductor on the roof. Saw the sparks fly off it. Never felt power like it. The waiter gave the sign of the cross which made me laugh. Intense 30mins. Love this part of the world
  11. Wasn’t sure where to post this so this seemed as good as any. Currently overseas and hotel took a direct hit from a storm. I was sat on a wall still wet from the rain/pool when a bolt hit very very close. So close in fact I felt a surge of electricity in one leg, it involuntary kicked out and hairs all stood on end. I clearly wasn’t ‘struck’ but what was it? Pain was like a strong electric shock over in a second. Loudest thunder I’ve ever heard to finish it off ?. I’m guessing as I was wet I took some of the electric discharge??
  12. Central London getting obliterated. Caught out in it for 2min ... soaked to the skin. Biblical rain, overhead lightning
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