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  1. I think we’ll get snow Thursday evening and over night in to Friday before, as you said, it turns to back to rain. It needs to be the perfect system for us, coming in before receding off to continent. High risk could be high fail... Just want some time for the kids to play in it! 5 days is a long time in the weather world, anything can happen!
  2. There’s a feature coming in from the North Sea and it seems to be tracking SW we need it track SSW.
  3. Can anyone post country wide 850’s for the coldest days in 87, 91, 10 and 13? Interested to see where this is predicted to sit!! It looks completely bonkers!
  4. Unless solar cycles 25, 26 and 27 stick us in some kind of ice age..... I may never see charts like this again on the south coast! ????
  5. What a chart that is!! Would that be better for keeping the Azores low further south at t168 and t192 and stop the introduction off the less cold uppers reaching the southwest and prolonging the cold?
  6. It may well be going back slightly (still in by Monday morning) but the duration of this fantastic potential spell is not being reduced - it’s not 3 days down to 2 days or 5 to 3 days. I’m in an North Easterly now and still have -8 uppers at t276 on the gfs 6z run. The days may be lengthening and the sun gaining strength but it’s better than anything i’ve had for 5 years and it has potential to make that look incredibly tame!
  7. Alarm set 15 mins earlier to trawl through models and i’d like to say i’m not disappointed!!!! Deep cold in by t120- t126, it’s coming down and looking world class, the models just keep giving!
  8. Just thinking exactly the same. I think 2010 was forecast well in advance by the Met Office etc and smoothly evolved. Let’s hope this is doing the same!!!
  9. Well, i’m not sure I can keep quiet anymore! Is there some kind of helpline I can ring??!! I’m sat her chuckling to myself, the wife thinks I’m mad! For me, needs to get inside t120 but blimey....... #bestchartsever! ??
  10. It’s a waiting game. Still swings and roundabouts for probably another 48 hours. Yesterday too far north..... today too far south..... still a long way to go but it is getting closer! I still think this could be a blinder!
  11. So..... after seeing only the odd snowflake in the wind and no lying snow for 5 years, on the calculation of 1mm of rain equals 7cm of snow I’m expecting to see 92.4cm of snow on March 1st....... errmm... ok then!! ?? bring it on I say!! Loving these charts.... IF ONLY!!
  12. Heights advancing more northerly on this run rather than northeast, better aligned @ 108. The train is inbound! Going to be a good run. Doesn’t look to high to me.
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