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  1. Gave a good burst over Mold and left a cm - enough to turn everything white for now anyway. Hoping the NI stuff makes it over.
  2. Raining hard in Mold in the Clwydians. Hoping the height will lead to snowier stuff by the morning. No way it’s going to stop the commute to Birkenhead.
  3. Just started snowing here in Mold, NE Wales. At 125m, about 10 miles from the coast. Light, but at least it's here now.
  4. Light snow for about 30 mins in NE Wales. Will take about 20 years to get above show level at this rate though
  5. I live 2 miles away from where that video was shot - seriously, don't bother driving to see it, it was barely a coating. The mountains may have looked very white but there was a cm at most and it was very short lived. If you wet yourself with excitement that, then I envy you.
  6. Just sort of stopped snowing in Mold now - about 2 inches. Better than expected . At 125m asl
  7. Snow here now in Mold, NE Wales. Rain just turned about 10 minutes ago. Not sticking yet but proper big, albeit wet, flakes coming down fast. 125m asl.
  8. I know I've got a post count of 'bugger all' but I've been following the winter threads for a few years and have never seen a chart that looks like that. So why's it so good for cold? Is it because the cold has been drawn from the East for so long? The amount of 'blue' penetrating into the Atlantic? The wind strength? It all looks a bit flat and I thought flat was bad. genuine questions - just a bit ignorant.
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