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  1. gary speed.... jesus! only 42 is well. blimey... such a good player in his day 2

  2. So depressing watching the football league show when it team lose.

  3. Can't believe how fast this year has gone or the Christmas tracks are just coming on earlier each year?

  4. absoubtley shattered and wet...shower then bed for me

  5. Never knew alistair darlings eyebrows originally come from gordons pubic region

  6. films without nick frost in. simon pegg looks out of touch

  7. feels like spring at the moment. 18c in november ouch....

  8. like the gfs 00z this morning... hoilday in europe it is then

  9. new iphone bought and being delivered.. :D

  10. no snow overnight but there were in my dreams and alot

  11. good win for the reds tonight. out of bottom 3. job done...for now

  12. oh its monday! how sickening.. only 4 days till the weekend again.. positive thinking

  13. cary carnival night! means alot of booze and a demolition Derby on offer

  14. watching the film Jumper.. i wish i could get around like that!

  15. Liking JJb upto 75% sell deals. just bought some new football boots to break some legs

  16. very bored! typical monday

  17. I smell some frosty nights coming soon :)

  18. 29th october halloween party/casino night in wincanton 10 quid for tickets. i think its down the sports ground but for more info check the indian- miahs one

  19. back to reality... rain! nothing new. missing the sunshine already

  20. bloated after a late night kebaby jobby. shame my step dad couldn't offer me a discount!!!

  21. 4-0 and only half time. when i mean we are onions thats an understatement. useless players and a manager that has fuked the team up. nt happy!

  22. would like a back massure. more to offer then wincanton has on fridays nights unless your a yob

  23. Wincanton high street actually stinks of cheese or polish out of work

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