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  1. *Earthquake watch* A powerful earthquake swarm has occured under the volcanic mountain Fagradalsfjall in Iceland. Over 900 earthquakes were detected in less then 36 hours. » Severe Weather Europe WWW.SEVERE-WEATHER.EU -spread the word- Iceland is a land of fire and ice. It is also a land of volcanoes and earthquakes, and they usually come in abundance. A... Another swarm in Iceland
  2. What period does this cover Steve?? I'm off to Tenerife tomorrow morning for 4 nights flying from Manchester. I hope my journey from Manchester to nw Wales is ok on Thursday night ..
  3. I'm thinking that This might be a system that will pass the south of uk like meto s wording regarding possible less cold at times in South??
  4. Like a lot of the big stratosphere posters have said previously... Wave 1 is likely to push vortex into an unfavourable part of the world for us but it's what happens afterwards that remains interesting.. so let's accept what's ahead and hopefully eventually we will get our cold and snow ?
  5. Seems like they're changing the forecast ever so slightly which like others have said weather fronts sliding the west/South West .. seems like originally the north was also going to get systems but with this changed To West them this will be ideal for all of us
  6. Fergie has tweeted about this winter being colder than average according to the met
  7. What impacts do you reckon this is likely to be for the UK gp?? What your thoughts on next month
  8. Hahahaha the posts of panic from posters these last couple of days is unbelievable. People need to calm down and reflect what is actually happening. Not often you get high pressure in charge of proceedings around our neck of the woods at this time of the year.. let's see what happens next but I believe that this won't be the last we've seen of the wintery charts. Let's wait and see what happens in December ???
  9. Yup can confirm 4-5 inches in caernarfon. North Wales
  10. The llyn pensinsula have had about 6 inches of snow yesterday but no amber warning. Funnily enough I'm 20miles away and there's nothing
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