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  1. Is that tonight’s front forming north of Spain?
  2. Freezing rain in Bassett. It’s freezing onto the windows gross.
  3. We have drifts in our garden of 18” and the patio is clear where the snow is just blowing off the polished slabs.
  4. And our defender took a dislike to clutch oil today so I had to drive clutchless in a car with a flywheel made of lead so ruddy hard to rev match :-( happy days tomorrow and the weekend. Trail run and sledging with the kiddiewinkles.
  5. Hope not. My water pipes are frozen I’ve got snow getting in my loft. Fed up already :-)
  6. Just drove back from Reading way to Bassett and between Newbury to just as you drop over the downs there was snow settled on the hard shoulder and the countryside was white. Back in Bassett and it’s like a different day!
  7. Found it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/43184987
  8. Glad it’s not just me. She had a such a confused face. The poor old girl couldn’t find the ball. The dogs and I were laughing hard whilst the wife was erratically searching the field for a snowball.