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  1. Sleety here in Royal Wootton Bassett. Sticking to the lamp post.
  2. Definitely further north. The 12z gfs for now v radar for the precip. Iirc 18z mean 19z in uk time...
  3. The apregee showing snow along the south all morning tomorrow.
  4. Heavy snow still here in RWB. Fry up going on and the sledge coming out as soon as the suns up :-)
  5. Air temp -1c dp -3c royal Wootton Bassett barometer drooped 1011 to 1003 since 6pm.
  6. Normally we watch the models put us on for snow and then ship it away to France at T12. Today we’re getting our luck. I was never convinced this system was going to run as progged.
  7. Getting up early on Sunday. 8am sledging with my kids :-) Will probably be rainy by 11
  8. I think it’ll correct south. Every low system always does within the final 18-24 hrs. How many storms /systems forecast over us always end up over the channel. Keep the faith people.