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  1. Odd flake here in Essex but it's a busy for us. Enjoy it to the south...
  2. 4 degrees and dp of 3 in Stansted. Stayed at 4 degrees the last 2 hours.
  3. Just up the road from you in Stansted, crossing fingers for some snow! Currently dropping about a degree every hour looking at the trend.
  4. Winds in Essex shifting now to NE... Temperatures falling. Currently raining steadily.
  5. Does this push the precipitation further west/inland? I've been uncertain whether we would get much here in Stansted.
  6. You're in a good spot I think. I'm in Stansted... Trying to work out whether we are going to be much in the game...
  7. I used to live in Walthamstow! I miss it! I still have all my bees there though
  8. I'm really confused now... I'm in Stansted in Essex... Are we still looking at a good snow event here for Sunday? Sorry guys, been a busy day with kids so feel a bit out of the loop.
  9. That's how he has always written his posts.... Pretty much the norm
  10. I've only just caught up with this potential snow event... Been so busy! I live in North Essex and was due to drive out some deliveries tomorrow... Are we expecting much? Should I give it a miss do you think? Just seen met have amber warning for the area.
  11. Not been on here for a while... Hoping for a better winter this year fingers crossed! My old weather station finally died and I've taken the plunge and got myself a Davis Pro2... I'll finish mounting it tomorrow but I'm excited to get it up and running, looks a solid piece of kit
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