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  1. Really hoping for some good rumbles tonight... Nice bit of rain and then warm and sunny tomorrow.
  2. Looks like this stuff is going to head across Kent and out into North sea
  3. I'm back to enjoy the lightning party tonight.... Starting to really pep up into the channel!!
  4. Hirlam and ICON have the front moving up and slowing over North London up to North Essex and then losing intensity as it moves further North. I'd say the line for good snow prospects can be drawn across from North Essex into Suffolk. South of there will do well, most south of London and M4.
  5. A good little covering here in North Essex. Temp 0.5... dropped a degree in last 30 mins or so
  6. Can someone explain to me why certain areas are identified as being more at risk of storms i.e. yellow and amber zones. How is it known that storms would be worse there?
  7. I'm right on the fringe of a big cell moving up across Essex. Had some massive very close strikes but rain just to the east of me. Had a brief bit of heavy rain.
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