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  1. I thought it looked a bit earlier than expected. Just trying to figure out the track, maybe more marginal then?. Any radar links to see more of the precipitation out west of Ireland?
  2. I'd bank that, at least looking at that we would all see a period of snow!. How does the current radar compare to the charts...what's the best match so far?. Fyi need to update my location I'm Neath/ Coventry (work)
  3. I have seen similar, I will be happy to see a flake at the moment. Believe it when I see it though. I was up the heads of the valleys earlier today and to be fair the snowline seems around 300m plus at the moment. We need the colder air to get entrenched but when it does the precipitation always seems to vanish
  4. Google has told me too expect snow at 10pm. They wouldn't tease me like that surely?...typo maybe lol
  5. Welcome back!. I agree totally it is more than frustrating!. I have also recently just moved back having had to move to the Midlands due to work, being the right side of marginal was a lot better. But hey I was also here during 2010 and it can happen just need to be patient. This winter looks full of potential, let's just hope it becomes more than that!. Never easy listening to the rain outside when we are so close to snow!. *First post from me for a number of years so il go back lurking haha
  6. This is crazy can feel wind under car feels lik its trying to lift during gusts!
  7. Im staying here for few hours its crazy enough as it is and good to watch from a safe distance of course hope everyone takes care. Can i ask where u get that information from?
  8. This is what i was born for, have no idea of gusts but down here on mumbles head the mean wind speeds must be at least 40mph +
  9. Parked up by mumbles head safely with popcorn ready for some nice gusts, i think im so sad but theres others here so its ok, was bad when i got here but seems to have died down any one know when i can expect the strongest gusts for here?
  10. Can anyone provide links to this winter storm in america? Im sure i used to be able to find updates on storms in the states on here but cant find it for the life of me? Thanks in advance
  11. Yes was thinking same andy can hear more thunder in the distance not long after normally means more hail got a routine now but as you say looking at radar that looks last for now. Who knows though can still hear the wind during violent gusts..., i need snow now heres hoping for winter part 2 would be one hell of a winter if we get whiteout conditions after this spell.
  12. Having some brutally heavily hail sounded like the roof was going to cave in and more thunder for good measure when will it end....scary with that house earlier but i love it as well and want my kids to sleep cant have it all but dont know what to choose as id happily stay up lol
  13. It is crazy all these storms must be making the atmosphere unstable, thats my theory any way. I cant remember a decent summer thunderstorm either madness maybe it will snow in summer haha. The gusts seems to be quite violent during and after the showers too im hoping theres no powercut though and it dies down overnight so that the kids will sleep.
  14. Im near aberdare and gota say its wild, everybody thinks im nuts going to the window or outside all the time haha but i love it. Stay safe though and if it aint snowing il take this crazy wild weather all day long. As i type lights flickering......
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