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    We have our own little micro climate up on this hill. Love winters here, especially the last few and being snowed in for days on end.
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  1. We didn't make it above freezing here ☺. Kx
  2. Does that mean we might get some in bucks? It keeps missing us kx
  3. Wowozer 30 hours snow (some heavy) Thursday night through to Saturday morning. Breakdown or not that's some forecast. Very mixed feelings about snow this year, can't even go out in it as I have been in a wheelchair for most of the last 5 months. Feels different some how? I have 2 really important medical appointments, one Tuesday and one Thursday, assuming we aren't snowed in. Wonder what the week will bring to us. Kx
  4. Just logging for the first time this winter (waves hello) to report SNOW, albeit in my sweet spot and forecast to continue until 12. Hope some of you get luck today too. Ktx
  5. Heavy snow in High Wycombe. Laying on paths and grass. kt
  6. lol only in the express http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/443381/Six-inches-of-snow-to-hit-Britain-next-week-as-Arctic-blast-sends-temperatures-plummeting
  7. Can anyone give me a quick low down of the models. It's so quiet it echos in hear and worst still the mad thread. Thank you in advance Katie
  8. Gusting up to 55 mph at our local met office observation point here. couple of miles ay roughly same ASL. Most noisy and persistent storm so far. Picked up my friends huge trampoline and 40ft tree down behind our her garden, Stay safe Katie
  9. What times the worst meant to hit here. pretty horrendous already . Hope everyone is safe Katie
  10. That's in Marlow, just heart breaking. too close for comfort note :-(Katie
  11. Good Morning all. Just wanted to pop in and thank those who offered me support on Friday and talked me out of talking an unnecessary risk. This trip was aborted, but we hope to take a longer one over half term. Even if it does mean getting snowed in and staying longer. I can only dream. I really feel for those in Dawlish in particular and all across the South West. I consider myself as a local opposed to a tourist, as is been a regular bolt hole for me during the last few years. I was in tears the other evening reading that one of the lovely holiday park owner had opened their doors to all those in need, due to the floods. Just shows what an amazing community it is. Anyway weather. Did I miss anything in Bucks last night. I have read back through the last few pages and truly can't believe we escaped the storms and things, but my head hit the pillow with exhaustion about 12 and the next thing I knew it was daylight. Right now it's still fairly windy here and starting to get very black from the West again. Love and thanks to all of you. Katie