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    We have our own little micro climate up on this hill. Love winters here, especially the last few and being snowed in for days on end.
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    Snow, snow and more snow

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  1. Pleased to report we got plastered all night. Sadly lots of melt today. No busses up on the hill and all local schools had a snow day. Heres a few pics. Katie
  2. Hi guys I have an appointment at a spinal unit 15 miles away Tuesday. If snow hits, what time are the current models showing it to hit. Its too risky to go if in doubt,due to where I live. Hills were impassable within an hours last week. Kt
  3. Hi all Just logged in (first time this winter) to share some photos from my sweetspot in High Wycombe. The roads were utter carnage here from around 3.30pm. It came down quick and we got about 10cm. Looking foreward to the the rest of winter now. Kt
  4. Wowozer 30 hours snow (some heavy) Thursday night through to Saturday morning. Breakdown or not that's some forecast. Very mixed feelings about snow this year, can't even go out in it as I have been in a wheelchair for most of the last 5 months. Feels different some how? I have 2 really important medical appointments, one Tuesday and one Thursday, assuming we aren't snowed in. Wonder what the week will bring to us. Kx
  5. Just logging for the first time this winter (waves hello) to report SNOW, albeit in my sweet spot and forecast to continue until 12. Hope some of you get luck today too. Ktx
  6. lol only in the express http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/443381/Six-inches-of-snow-to-hit-Britain-next-week-as-Arctic-blast-sends-temperatures-plummeting
  7. Can anyone give me a quick low down of the models. It's so quiet it echos in hear and worst still the mad thread. Thank you in advance Katie
  8. Gusting up to 55 mph at our local met office observation point here. couple of miles ay roughly same ASL. Most noisy and persistent storm so far. Picked up my friends huge trampoline and 40ft tree down behind our her garden, Stay safe Katie
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