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  1. Dry all day here but cloudy. A very large contrast between north and south of the region.
  2. Was just a heavy shower here at 12:30. Typically electrified after passing over me but out of audible range by then. Never mind, there’s always next year
  3. Well it’s kicked off to my north-east. Typically would be my north-east. Nothing of interest here yet.
  4. The first cold night of the autumn last night with a minimum temperature of 6.2°C. Wasn’t much of a cold front though, only trace rain when I was expecting a bit of heavy rain overnight.
  5. Well had 5 nice days in London. Weather was perfect and the best whether you can get in October. Very foggy mornings on the River Thames but sunny afternoons except Friday and rather warm. Come back up north and it’s very depressing everything is damp and it’s cloudy and cold.
  6. Yep I’m in London now and it’s been cool and cloudy today with drizzle on and off. Not sure on temperature but don’t think it was above 18
  7. A warm day. Sun even managed to come out for a bit around midday. Only recorded trace rain since midnight. Maximum was 20.8°C.
  8. I’m going to London in the next few days so hopefully should be not too bad down there. Going to be horrible and drizzly up here though.
  9. Well I’m really not sure what the Met were going on about saying it would be a really cold night last night. It never was going to be with a 20–30 mph NWerly blowing. Minimum here was 11.7°C. Maybe it got cold in the Pennines but certainly not here.
  10. Plenty of heavy showers last night but no lightning unfortunately.
  11. Thunder in Crosby apparently. Not showing on Blitz. Thought the stuff out to sea had died.
  12. I was on the Western edge today. At least it was close enough to hear. Maybe something else this evening, although I have a feeling the energy has all gone north-eastward.
  13. Still occasional positive strikes to my east and north east. Nothing else to the south though.
  14. And again. Lightning suddenly getting more frequent to the east now. Also a bit closer. Seems like it’s back building.
  15. That cell to my East now over widness. Still lightning over east Chester Marching northwards.
  16. Cell just electrified to my SSE. Going to pass close by me to the east probably. Here we go. Can hear rumbles.
  17. Lots of lightning south of Chester coming right towards me.
  18. This developing cell overhead really means business. Could electrify any second.
  19. Yep just kicking off a lot to my south on Welsh border now. Suddenly feels a lot more turbulent and energetic out there. something developing overhead quite fast as well.
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