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  1. Sorry quoted wrong post, that was meant for @East Lancs Rain
  2. I do quite like being by the sea in the summer, except when it ruins my thunderstorm chances. In the winter though it annoys me a lot as I personaly do like extremes of cold and snow in winter.
  3. Reached 28.5°C half an hour ago but dropped down to 23.7 now thanks to the wind becoming on-shore. More cloud now as well. I like it better like this anyway.
  4. Well I don’t know what happened to the rain yesterday. It was dry all day here and even saw the Sun a few times. Maximum temperature was 20.5°C.
  5. Haha A localised patch of dog. That’s a new one for me. I hope it was a hot dog yum.
  6. Well nothing happened in the end. Oh well. Haven’t bothered moving my towel as it never even started.
  7. I reckon will see quite a few lightning strikes around the Liverpool bay area starting in around an hour and continuing to around 3 am.
  8. I have a feeling that showers will begin to electrify further S/SE as we go through the evening.
  9. Didn’t notice anything here. Looks like a nice shower to my West though now.
  10. Liverpool has visibility 3000 m, heavy thunderstorm rain, CB at 2000 ft between 2100 bst and 0700 bst.
  11. going to be an interesting evening/night here as showers build out in the Irish Sea thanks to ocean effect convection under an upper cold pool. There is a marked veering of the surface/850 mb winds around 2 am which is suggestive of a trough, so that may be the focus of any deep convection.
  12. Looks like a window of opportunity for some great ocean effect convection tonight here. Between around 21:00-03:00 we have a cold pool with T500s down to -25.5 and modest CAPE. Looks very similar to the early hours of the 10th August last year which gave me an amazing thunderstorm. Let’s see what happens.
  13. The last few weeks have really given a strong impression that there is a man-made no lightning zone in a triangle; Heswall-Formby point-Switch Island. It’s been mad how the last 4 events have gone.
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