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  1. Still tropical as of 0300 UTC. It is north of the 50th parallel now. Central pressure has dropped.
  2. Still tropical as of 21 UTC tonight. Quite surprising as just about to cross the 50th parallel.
  3. @Dangerous55019aYep just noticed that. Developing all the time. If it makes it this far it’ll hit me.
  4. Yep can’t hear it now it’s gone too far away. Stopped again now anyway.
  5. Another rumble. 5 strikes an hour now...no it was another cell.
  6. Yep Heard that. Cell is running about 4 strikes per hour.
  7. Heavy rain now started, just heard a distant boom of thunder. Starting to electrify.
  8. Nothing yet. A strike just offshore a minute ago. It’s definitely going to chuck it down soon.
  9. A strike near Southport just then.
  10. Actually I think something heading my way and developing now.
  11. I need something to develop over Wrexham/South Wirral soon.
  12. I don’t think I’ve had a cell with over 2 strikes a minute in about a decade.
  13. Feels primed out here now 22.6°C, was expecting a bit more to have happened by now though.