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    Crosby, North Liverpool, Merseyside (18M ASL)
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    Wether observations - Audio field recording - Lfc - steam railways
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    Winter - snow, Irish sea convection. Summer - thunderstorms, hot sunny days

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  1. I am quite concerned that wrf wants a sea-breeze starting this afternoon. Worried that will put me out of the game.
  2. Another cell with nice thunder going to pass close by to my east. About 5 strikes per minute.
  3. Cell just passed over with some more torrential rain and some big CGS. That’s more like it, proper thunder.
  4. Rain has gone. still Constant lightning with not much audible thunder.
  5. Biblical rain with occasional small hail. Incredible rain rate. Thunder quite quiet but lots of it.
  6. Omg massive storm with constant thunder approaching thought I was getting false notifications as it appeared out of nowhere but no it’s real.
  7. Holy Sh*t massive +CG 1 mile. One of the most powerful I’ve ever heard. Several huge explosive bangs in it.
  8. Big storm developed over the wirral now. Can hear some scary sounding cgs from it quite well even though it’s still 10 miles away.
  9. still 22°C here, sea-breeze is not affecting me much.. Loads of lightning on radio sounds much closer than it is,must be powerful
  10. very unexpectedly just got a Lightning notification. Just heard very distant thunder to the south-east. clouds building in that direction. 24°C.
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