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  1. Sferics not being detected again!
  2. If it's any consolation, it didn't snow here.
  3. Is this a joke lol. Just rain here
  4. Wow Nice one. Can't wait to be going back there again at the end of April.
  5. They've taken thunder out of the text forecast, that was all I was interested in. Why did they have to do that!
  6. Nothing been detected; annoying when that happens.
  7. Rather unexpectedly today turned out to be the warmest day of the month with a max of 12.9°C. This has increased the mean max to 9.2°C.
  8. Lovely and sunny here and 13°C. If it's going to be like this during a storm I'll have more thank you very much.
  9. Lovely and sunny here and it's 13°C. Mad!
  10. Yeah and it makes the anticipation more fun for me, seems to make it more real somehow. Also it's easier to remember when certain events happened when they're associated with the names.
  11. I think it's a great idea. I agree that naming needs to be a bit more consistent though.
  12. Welsh rain shadow in full operation today. Been dry here since early morning apart from a bit of drizzle. Not a bad day all things considered.
  13. 6.6°C (+1.9) here. Mean min: 4.5°C (+2.4) Mean max: 9.0°C (+1.7) Since my last report on Monday, everything has risen by 0.3°C. Looking like a well above average finish here now.
  14. No damage here. Got much calmer after 10:00.