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  1. At switch island now, torrential rain, no lightning.
  2. And i'm on the m62 coming back from Bury!!!!
  3. That's what I ended up with, 10 mm, but I thought that felt like quite a lot.
  4. Got torrential for a minute then, dying down again now. Still no wind but I just might be sheltered from that direction.
  5. Just moderate rain with no wind here so far, think the main part is reaching me now though. Back home now by the way.
  6. A positive regional forecast for today. Going to be an interesting day for nowcasting. " Regional forecast for North West England Wet and windy with the risk of thunder. Today: Outbreaks of rain will arrive from the west today. They will be often heavy, with the risk of hail and thunder. It will also be windy, especially along the coast and over higher ground. Maximum Temperature 20 °C."
  7. As I've mentioned, I'm in Holyhead this week. :-)
  8. Here it comes. I can hear very distant ground shaking booms of thunder every now and again.
  9. Sorry I meant to keep mentioning it in my posts but i'm currently in Holyhead so I'm talking about the storm over Aberdaron which could hit me here if it keeps up. I reckon Liverpool should do well later. :-)
  10. This thing is spitting out some very powerful sferics from what I can hear on the radio. About 1 a minute but that's good enough for me.
  11. There's a storm trying its best to get to me, 40 miles to my south. Wish those annoying RAF Valley jets would go away though.
  12. Sferic 41 miles and confirmed on radio, something's developing.
  13. Holyhead: Ac cas coming in off the sea now. Sferic 40 miles to my south-west though could have been a false return.
  14. I'll be reporting all night if I can hear from Holyhead. Need to try and get a few hours sleep in the evening though.