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  1. I suspect trigger temperatures will be hit this afternoon for surface-based convection. It’s already 22°C here and we reached 24.1 yesterday. There will be some surprises. Nowcast is the word.
  2. WRF more interested in something in my location this evening now. 400–500 J CAPE here and close to 1000 only 30 miles to my south. Wish flow was a bit stronger though.
  3. WRF also a bit more interested in something round these parts late tomorrow.
  4. going to be so hot here tomorrow. Perhaps might get something interesting tomorrow evening although WRF is quite poor atm with regards to amount of CAPE. Let’s see.
  5. I hope you get something, but I notice it’s got a bit of a habit of doing that sort of thing.. Showed similar here last week and on Sunday but I think it was being unrealistic as there didn’t seem to be any energy around at that time at all so just take it with a pinch of salt until you actually see the cells coming towards you lol.
  6. Will be another dry day around here thanks to wind direction. South and east having fun again… oh but they don’t get any storms apparently. Preparing myself for many more days like this.
  7. Won’t be anything within 20 miles of Merseyside today because wind and steering flow are from the sea. Small risk in next 2 hours as far west as widnes/St Helens before win veers too Westerly.
  8. I wish. Only got something on Tuesday nothing since then and I won’t get anything after this now because the wind direction. Last year was quite good but I’m sure it will go back to rubbish again soon.
  9. Just cool and drizzly at the moment here. WRF suggests we’re not even at the peak of the CAPE but going by the feel of the air it seems like that could be it. Won’t be anything next few days here because wind is westerly.
  10. No lightning from anything near me for over 10 minutes now waiting for next batch.
  11. All lightning died now but keeps developing really fast so will probably come back.
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