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  1. Chris.R

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Dry and sun is trying to come out.
  2. Sun is coming out now lol.
  3. Hardly any rain here yet. Must be in a rain-shadow. Didn’t get any from Desmond either.
  4. Wow amazing double rainbow just now at the back edge of the cold front. Sun just about to set.
  5. Thanks CS. Well not long now until the snow chase, although you wouldn’t think so today.We will have to Resurrect this thread soon.
  6. Still sunny. Max 18.1°C.
  7. Well a classic foehn effect day today, sunny all morning despite the forecast. Nice weather for my birthday. 17.1°C.
  8. It’s now the coldest night of the autumn here already, down to 4.8°C; wow.
  9. It was looking a bit shaky later on yesterday, thought I had jinxed it. Glad to say it’s back on now though and it is slightly upgrading on every run. At least something to keep an eye on at last.
  10. Maybe the chance of a plume next mid week. Reminds me of the 11th Oct 2006. That was fun.
  11. 7 thunder days this year, around average. Interestingly though for the first time I can remember we have had a thunder event in every month since May. Also all but one of those thunder events were from polar maritime or ocean effect setups. You can keep your plumes down South.
  12. Ok my reverse psychology worked. A lovely thunderstorm here now. A few +CGs as well.
  13. Think it’s not gonna happen here today. The flow is too strong so cells have not got chance to develop before they hit land and instead are developing further inland with the aid of aurographic lift. Seen this happened before especially in winter.
  14. Only ever a very low risk of lightning from this warm-front I believe. We want to be keeping an eye on the cold-front/triple point around 22:00 where there are likely to be Squall-lines with sferics. Then early hours of tomorrow morning post frontal showers with modest CAPE and Steep lapse rates so good chance of sferics with them as well especially on the coast.
  15. This warm front is relentless. Constant heavy rain all afternoon and temperature down to 10.9°C.