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  1. 19.3°C currently with hazy sunshine. Temp has rocketed recently as the sun has got progressively stronger. By far the warmest day of the year already.
  2. I’m not going to be far wrong! Pretty good for a month out i’d say.
  3. From Thursday yes but Wednesday looks like an off-shore wind throughout. living here I know the signs to look for and from them I see a high likelihood somewhere in NW England/N Wales will at least be in the top 10 warmest. Let’s see. After Thursday though yes it has downgraded a lot for up here.
  4. 16.1°C here now. I would say Wednesday maximum 25°C somewhere with foehn influences such as Crosby, Valley, Porthmadog,, Hawarden. Thursday27°C somewhere in the Greater London area.
  5. Currently 14°C here with 850s of -2. Surely 25°C is likely given enough insolation with 850s of 10-12.
  6. Nice day until around mid afternoon. Warm again; maximum 15.1°C. It’s all thanks to the foehn effect.
  7. Yeah good win for you again. You could still catch Arsenal.
  8. Fantastic day in both the weather and football. Would’ve been even better if “pleasant company” had won the national and earned me 40 quid. Warmest day of the year, max 17.3°C.
  9. I heard a legend once about this thing called the sun; I seem to remember once knowing what it was like but that was a long time ago. Anyway next week is looking epic! Absolutely perfect to bring the best of the warmth and possible thunderstorms to us with help from the foehn effect.
  10. Crosby was both the third warmest and eighth coldest place yesterday with a maximum of 15.4°C and a minimum of 0.1°C officially. Shows what a good off-shore wind can accomplish. Looks like more of that over the coming days. In the “where will the first 20°C be” thread I predicted Crosby, Rhyl, Valley or Hawarden on the 18th. Let’s see how close I get it.
  11. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Well it’s working now anyway. http://www.spaceweather.com/
  12. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Remove any slashes at the end of the URL.
  13. Max 15.2°C a few minutes ago. Looks like that’s the last of the Sun now.
  14. 14.6°C, sun‘s out, omg it’s beautiful today.