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  1. Already 12.4°C here. Expecting to reach 15°C today thanks to the foehn effect. Looking forward to what is a heat wave for the time of year.
  2. These gfs runs are blowing my mind.
  3. The GFS 00Z has so much WAA on it. If only it was June.
  4. Backed not veered. My bad, I never usually get that wrong.
  5. Well temp is struggling here after the cold night despite the sunshine. Only 10.1°C currently. No foehn effect as the wind has veered so much.
  6. The WRF gives T850s as high as 9.1°C on Saturday and 8.5°C later today. This is really high for the time of year. It also gives a 2M temperature of 15.3°C on Saturday afternoon with abundant sunshine; foehn assisted. That would be nice
  7. Probably worth gritting last night as temp has fallen to 2.4°C currently. We are still not immune from cold nights despite the warm inversion above us especially with the wind being off-shore.
  8. Yay recently browsing is back.
  9. I had 7 thunder days last year here which is around average. 2014 was the outlier for this decade with 14. On average here I get around twice as many thunder days as days with lying snow. This often isn’t hard as some years I get no lying snow at all as this winter. Basically I’m pretty much guarantee 1 good thunderstorm every year at least but I can not guarantee snow at all in any given winter. I get quite a high occurrence of +CGs with around 2 every year on average. That day you mention I remember having one of the loudest +CGs this decade.
  10. Well thankfully it’s very rare to get snow in April here. Can get thunder though if conditions are right. Some really warm 850 temperatures showing occasionally for next week on the GFS now, just wish the Sun was a bit stronger.
  11. Well apart from the total cloud cover and bits of drizzle today it felt very pleasant.
  12. Really in Spring mood. This is unusual so early for me but I’m desperate for the warm days and thunderstorms now. Quite surprised myself actually. I keep looking at the sun’s declination and watching it tick closer to 0 every day.
  13. 3 of the last 10 winters here have been completely snowless.; (13-14, 15-16, 16-17). 2 of the remaining 7 have had no measurable lying snow at any time; (11-12, 18-19).
  14. I’m hoping around then is our first day above 20°C. I predicted it to within a day last year which was cool.