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  1. Wind has veered now so that’s game over for me but that’s the third thunder day of the year; or eighth funder Rumble of the year if you like.
  2. Liverpool just took it off the TAF as well. It’s very annoying living here; whenever something is expected nothing happens but when it’s not expected it all kicks off.
  3. Wow Thunder. Wasn’t even on the lookout because I decided not to bother but should’ve stuck to my usual thing, it’s not over till it’s over.
  4. Liverpool airport TAF showing the possibility of heavy rain showers/thunderstorm rain/cumulonimbus tomorrow lunchtime. TAF EGGP 151703Z 1518/1618 27008KT 9999 FEW045 PROB30 TEMPO 1522/1605 8000 SHRA BECMG 1602/1605 19010KT TEMPO 1605/1614 6000 SHRA PROB30 TEMPO 1609/1614 3000 +SHRA TSRA BKN014CB BECMG 1612/1615 26012KT PROB30 TEMPO 1614/1618 8000 SHRA, 15/06/2018, 18:03 LT
  5. Looks like a small chance for me around lunch time tomorrow. 25 KTs of shear this time as well.
  6. 19.9°C now, it feels freezing.
  7. All lightning within 50 miles has stopped just like that. The Irish sea, the old enemy.
  8. I think an on-shore breeze has developed; Temperature dropped from 26.8 to 22.2°C. Might be game over. Really fresh now.
  9. That’s directly south of me hopefully this will get me later.
  10. A few spots of rain now but sun is still out.
  11. Just hit 80°F for the first time since Sunday. 26.8°C.
  12. Prestatyn area looks like it’s getting battered. Everything just a little too West still as I thought at the moment. Still blazing sunshine.
  13. 26.3°C now, about 5°C warmer than forecast so there should be more CAPE around.