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  1. No official warnings released yet, but as I said in the mod thread, I will eat my MacBook if we see any snow. I think Thor Might pay us a visit though, I always enjoy that of course.
  2. Still up at 10.0°C here, expect to finish the month no lower than 9°C.
  3. Wind is north-westerly on Monday night so anyone with in 20 miles from the coast in Northwest England is likely to be disappointed. Just the way it is.
  4. If I see a flake of snow this week i'll eat my Macbook. 27 months and counting.
  5. Another warm day here again, 14° again. Turning colder next week.
  6. A cloudy mild day, now moderate rain. Currently 10.4°C, max today 14.2°C.
  7. Much warmer than forecast, currently 14.1°C, I'm thinking foehn effect. Cloudy but dry.
  8. 9.7°C (+0.9) here. Mean min: 6.8°C (+1.7). Mean Max: 13.3°C (+1.1). Just 4.7 mm of rainfall this month, with 2 rain days (>=1 mm).
  9. The forecast for tonight looks to have changed and the frost risk has gone now for Northwest England at least. Don't know why anyone is expecting the models to be near the mark 10 days out when we can't even get tonight sorted.
  10. Reading the latest text forecast it seems a bit of an epic fail for tonight. It was supposed to be frosty and clear but now looks like being cloudy and mild. Oh dear.
  11. I'm fed up of the constant underestimation of temperatures every day here. Currently lovely and sunny and 13.5°C.
  12. Yeah temp not great but nice that the sun was often out.
  13. So where was this cloud and rain today? Another nice day with Sonny spells, 12.4°C max.
  14. Also do not discount the old-school medium-wave radio method. Always been the most Reliable for me; especially in combination with one of the above.
  15. Indeed, wouldn't mind if we could get some convective setups from it but even then they are hardly ever fruitful Around here at this time of year. Down to 12°C now.