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  1. ‘Yellow warning of snow and ice nearby’-is there any other more depressing statement to read?????
  2. I have been ‘trapped’ for the last two days on anglesey in my friends cottage and boy did I experience some ‘wild weather’ last night -sustained wild winds, lightening (couldn’t hear the thunder for the wind) lashing down rain and this morning the effects on the island are devastating -Conway is flooded as is llanwrst, treaddor bay and Rhosneigr- Beaumaris is cut off and the Menai bridge is closed and the A55 has standing water. Holyhead and treaddor bay have no power either -the power of the weather when you experience it like that is frightening
  3. I know pity Santa can’t leave us some snow!-or even fog and frost!!
  4. Any thoughts on next weeks potential snow event for our region?
  5. It was hovering around 1-2 degrees in crosby this morning at 9.30am-fitness in the park was ‘interesting’ to say the least -it’s definitely colder this year than the same time last year
  6. Anaprop! Google it it’s when weather radars are affected by the climate and produce ‘ghost’ precipitation clouds by error
  7. I still think ‘sonething’ Is heading our way the clouds are still thickening and my little weather app is showing snow too lol! I think we may be in for something unexpected not from looking at radars models etc but by looking what’s happening outside my window
  8. I’m very much an amature but in my location (Bootle merseyside) the cloud covering looks very much like layering stratus and I was always taught that from the first ‘wisps’ it would generally rain within 6 hours perhaps that front is moving further north than predicted as they have definitely got another layer in the last hour
  9. So I go off to Penrith centerparcs pass loads of snow on the way only for it to bloody well snow back in bootle when I’m away you couldn’t make it up!
  10. Careful what you wish for -where we are it could be rain!!!
  11. Sadly I think it’s just where we are on the north west coast
  12. Wasn’t a period of snow followed by freezing rain then turning back to snow forecasted as part of the main band coming up from the south?
  13. I reported it in bootle in Merseyside it was defo not snow however it has now turned to snow so maybe freezing rain
  14. In bootle -but I think it was more freezing rain as a precursor to the snow as it’s snowing now
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