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  1. Near Reigate. Still showing heavy snow. Meto app does chop and change a lot though - usually only of use for the next hour! I'm switching to look out the window now - quit while I'm ahead 🙂
  2. 4.2C here now. Meto app had light snow from 3am - just changed back to heavy snow between 3am and 7am.
  3. Tornado formed briefly over the Brecon Beacons from the storms passing through just now...
  4. What I like about netweather is that all are welcome. It's open to people of a certain era who still like a bit of "in-your-end-oh" - outdated and boring as it might be for some. Also it's open to people who are all too easily offended....boring and predictable as that might be to some too. It takes all sorts to make up the society - live, let live, contribute and moan if you like. But stay around and encourage your work-mates to join in too. That's what keeps things vibrant and truly diverse.
  5. Tramore Bay (Co. Waterford) webcam http://78tramore.home.dyndns.org/view/index.shtml
  6. You could well be right... But I think a Scotland independent of the UK and of the EU would have greater degrees of freedom to set fiscal and monetary policy to give itself the best chance to figure out what kind of economy it needs. It would then be in a position to negotiate its way in to the EU say mid to end of next decade with much less uncertainty. Jumping back into the EU immediately after independence may not necessarily be the optimum strategy to manage the transition out of the UK.
  7. It might be worth doing the math before voting as Scotland will certainly have a deficit once it becomes independent and it is possible to model what that would likely be! As I understand it Scotland pays for its share of the UK deficit on a equalised basis per head across the UK. However this is lower by around 9bio from its actual deficit because Scotland spends more per head than the rest of the UK. The shortfall will have to come from somewhere and its unlikely to come from north sea oil. The net number already includes the impact of spending on Trident, HS2 etc so I dont believe that p
  8. I think Scotland has a fair case to argue for EU memebership after independence. If there is enough political will in Europe they can fudge the rules. As it stands I believe it could be acheived by the UK requesting an amendment to its memebership to just include Scotland, although that seems an unlikely outcome. The bigger issue for Scots in the EU may come in the guise of its public defecit being way outside the EU requirements - especially since the slide in oil prices. It would potentially face an extended period of austerity akin to Greece, imposed by the EU. And thats assuming tha
  9. Actually - you make a good point on elected leader turning dictator (still not a coup by definition but I see what you mean). I think we might need to see a few more signs than executive orders being signed though. Clinton passed 364 of them, Obama passed 275 and Trump 7 (so far). We should be safe for a while I reckon.
  10. Can't quite get my head around how the elected president can be accused of performing a coup? It defies the definition of what a coup is... Is he doing anything which is the opposite of, or even different to, what he said he would do? Perhaps people just need to get used to a politician actually keeping to his campaign pledges. It is something different to the norm OK, but I think it needs a new name rather than a redefinition of an existing one. Maybe in years to come they'll talk about this new style of honest politician as donaldticians? Do you think it will catch on...? remember wh
  11. I didn't mean establishment - more to question things that are commonly accepted as being true. Ie if everyone says DT is a "bad dude" question it before accepting it and make up your own mind. Don't get me wrong... we are not chatting about the Don every evening! We have similar discussion on things like climate change, IOS v Android, pink for girls whatever...
  12. Actually yes... And I do argue the other side with them. I assume there is some bias getting thru from my own views but I encourage them to make their own mind up. They are a bit older perhaps - mid teens. Probably an element of rebelling against the "established view" in there too as I try teach them to be sceptical about anything perceived as "the established truth". They do debate these things in school too so at least get to see all sides.
  13. I'd suggest you.don't volunteer to moderate the debate..
  14. Maybe they should set up a debate in school to argue both sides?. Teach the kids some critical thinking. (I promised Ed I wouldn't say MSM but young minds, easily influenced...you.know where I'm going with it...)
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